Greetings to Everyone in politiforum!


It is my pleasure to join politforum. I look forward in having some great discussions and learning from the members.


Welcome to the club!


Thank you for joining and if you need any assiatance navigating the site or setting up your profile please feel free to send a direct message. Just click on my avatar and select message. You can also look through the Help and Resources section for some tutorials.


Welcome @trumpsdefeat - that name might draw some heat but looking forward to some good debates.


Konnichiwa! Jump right in!



I am working on a website. Currently, I am in seminary, but I would like to one day get a doctorates degree in Christian Philosophy. The profile name is actually the name of the domain.


I think you will find this is a very good group here.



Thank you,

Actually I will be participating at a debate at my local college tonight after the debate tonight. I may mention this website.


Say what you will about this amazing community. We are not a vehicle to rank your site on Google or for link building. I suggest you study some of the “rules” of link building before you openly do it on an active discussion forum. If you try this on any other discussion forum I can guarantee that you will have the same result. Thanks for stopping by and best of luck ranking your site and making commissions off of affiliate sales.