Gun Crazy - Fake Left Wing Film Designed to Shame Gun Owners


Here we have another attempt by the left to to make Americans feel guilty about owning a gun or dissuade gun ownership altogether. One thing is clear - the “movie goers” were clearly in on the whole thing from the beginning. Maybe next time these liberal stooges should spring for some better actors and come up with a better title. Chumps.


The moviegoers are obviously in on it. Their post-movie interviews strike me as a bit too earnest and a put-on. They’ve all seen the light, and swung around so far from their pre-movie interviews (which were campy and stereotypical)? Obvious acting - and really bad acting to boot. This whole thing is a stunt from top to bottom. Pure libtard trash.


I would demand to know if the guns used in every one of those murders were legally registered guns. I would have also made such a racket they would have had to shut it down and answer my question first.


I’m a retired cop.

Most of these victims in this vid are not armed and probably wish they were at the time, and “gun laws” wouldn’t save them from CRIMINALS who by definition don’t obey the law.

This is absolute lowest-of-the-low emotional manipulation and is the reason propaganda was outlawed for decades. Meanwhile, outside of propaganda-land, dozens of headlines per day of armed citizens defending themselves and their neighbors are archived in places like this:

Not one person, even among 100 million gun owners, wants to face a situation like that, but that’s the REASON they carry, to give themselves a fighting chance.


All the liberal pantywaists involved with this anti-Constitution charade should be pistol whipped in public so we can all laugh while they sh.t their pants. I’d be glad to show them some gun violence without ever pulling the trigger. What a bunch of dumb asses. Who believes this crap?


@Patriot - you forgot the other video

Here is the deal. NYC has very few gun stores - and you basically need to be a cop to walk in the door, or be one of the very few that actually has a concealed carry permit. The other thing is New York liberals don’t buy guns. So, the second movie is also BS.

Gun-grabbers will go to any lengths to achieve their goal. Just like abortionists, pro-immigration, etc, etc.

They’re all intolerant liberals who have a burning desire to tell us how to live.

As Leonidas told Xerxes at Thermopylae when he demanded the Spartans lay down their weapons: “Come take.”


Blaming the actions of criminals and the mentally disturbed on an inanimate object proves how irrational the gun control people are. They don’t have an argument that isn’t based upon knee-jerk emotional responses. When confronted with logic, common sense, and reason (along with statistical data) they have nothing to say that isn’t drowning in emotional rhetoric.

People that refuse to let go of a belief system after it’s been proven completely wrong are nothing more than fanatical cultists.


Gun violence solution:

80% of all shootings in the U.S. are committed by blacks. Disarm all blacks, gun violence drops 80%.