HA Goodman - Talks DNC Lawsuit with Lawyer Jared Beck


I will update with talking points after the interview:

  • Two witnesses have died/been killed already.

  • People involved in case are getting multiple threats.

  • No investigation of deaths or threats by authorities.

  • MSM engaged in an Dis-information campaign.

  • Awan Brothers are the tip of the ice-berg.

  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile will be called on for statements under oath.

  • DNC said they have a right to pick who they want. (Sounds like guilt to me)

  • 2016 Election made him realize how corrupt the whole system is.
    It’s as if all the money collected by the DNC is laundered.

  • IT’s not TRUE that private organizations can’t do what they want : Madoff, Enron. etc
    examples…Fraud isn’t legal.

  • Crowdstrike refuses to testify to congress.

  • Comey’s decision on Hillary was the worst case of NOT following the law.

  • See’s the DNC using people as a scape goat. Maybe the Awan brothers. To deflect from the
    wide spread corruption.

  • The DNC will rig the election again, because they stated in court they are allowed to do so.
    Never will we have progressive progress without a cleaning of the swamp, there is too much
    corruption for anything positive for the people.

  • Goes into if they plead the 5th.

  • Will he be able to use the Wikileaks emails in the lawsuit. Could very well open up the door on
    how those got leaked.


I haven’t really heard much about this since the process server wound up dead. What are they suing over exactly?


They are suing for the 200 million that Bernie donors donated to the DNC and his campaign. They are claiming that it was rigged, and people wouldn’t have given money to the DNC/Bernie if they knew he wasn’t going to be treated fairly.
This lawsuit, as a by product, should delve into the Hacking of the DNC, and so called Russian collusion.
The wikileaks documents of DWS conspiring in the emails is definitely a topic in this lawsuit, not sure how far they will look into it though.
Debbie Wasserman Shultz aka DWS , is a named subject of the lawsuit.
I haven’t heard much about what is happening either, since the MSM isn’t reporting on it.


Wow. Now they just have to get the case in front of a judge who hasn’t been bought by the DNC. Probably very difficult to do now.


I think they might just have a decent one. It has been going on for some time now, and the Judge hasn’t dismissed it - yet.
Will know alot more after the interview. I hope, at least it won’t be one of those, I can’t answer that because of blah blah blah.
I doubt it will be, but ya never know.