Hardworking Canadians Have Just About Had Their Fill Of Liberalism Gone Wild



Canadians who went to the Freedom Rally in Ottawa were attacked by Antifa and apparently Muslim Brotherhood thugs. One person was stabbed,another beaten by 41 Antifa members. A bus full of people was also attacked & vandalized. The liberal police took their sweet time responding too.

We have the same problems here that you guys have.


Awaken O Canada, awaken…


This only means that you guys need to keep showing up. Trump supporters get attacked all the time. It comes with the territory now. I bought a MAGA hat on eBay recently and wear it around town. People think they have the right to confront you the minute you put it on. Totally surreal experience. Welcome to the family.


Idiot Boy Trudeau is below 25% in popularity. If our politicians don’t grow some balls we may have to join the US to end Islam in Canada. We can survive as the 51st State but we will not survive as an Islamic State.


If that’s the case then you guys need a Canadian version of Trump. Supporting Trump in Canada is great, but it’s not like it will help you guys over the long haul.


Yes… but it is my understanding that Canada is working hard on its bilintual skills too… Hola Canadiense, ¿hablas español? :joy:


I am so used to seeing countries marching against Trump not for him. Heh. They really really must hate Trudeau more than I thought.