Harvard Poll: 81 Percent of All Voters Support Reducing Immigration Levels


For those leftists harping about “polls”


We need to start somewhere to reduce Illegal Immigration .Hard choices have to be made. Ilegal Immigration benefits only those who employ their labor or politicians who want to boost voter rolls in their favor. Neither really give a Damn about them,only what they can gain from them. Modern Day Slave Labor.

      I understand why alot of people from Central America want to come here because of corrupt govts and drug gang violence but we can't have unlimited immigration and overwhelm social services which unnecessarily burden taxpayers.
          I agree the Trump Admin is going in the right direction. It may not be that everyone is a drug dealer or possibly be a terrorist but we have to improve the screening process. No system is6 perfect but we need reduce those who fall through the cracks.I hope I show some intelligent thought on this


Ya gotta understand globalization Freedom.


This is the world of globalization looks like. Do you even understand it? Reading only the title again huh, illiterate Bernie bot


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We need to start somewhere to reduce Illegal Immigration .Hard choices have to be made.

It is also safe to say that xenophobia, fear and emotive rhetoric have cast a shadow over immigration policies. It is not unknown to economists that there are vast economic benefits to be gained from the free movement of people: in a 2011 paper titled Economics and Emigration: Trillion-Dollar Bills on the Sidewalk? economist Michael Clemens argued that loosening immigration restrictions could double the global GDP average.


We have freedom of movement in the US (at least for now)- here are the highlights - California’s amazing weather draws the lazy and industrious alike - but a lot more of the lazy. Currently CA has 1/8 of the US population - and 1/3 of the welfare recipients, and likely 1/3 of the illegal aliens.

CA has an enormous economy, but what the left omits is that they have crushing debt that they have done their best to hide. Now that the tax reform has passed, CA’s Dem. legislature (veto proof majority) is looking at stealing half the savings of corporations from the lower corp. tax rates.

Those who stay in CA will see their ‘sunshine tax’ balloon with all sorts of extra taxes and fees. That will still not be enough - CA’s state employee pension debt alone is over 400% of the state’s total annual revenues.

CA’s Education system has fallen from the top five in the 1970’s to forty first, due to declining rigor, and political, instead of result driven curriculum. When I moved to CA in 1981- it really was paradise, when I left last year,it was an overcrowded circus.

This s what you can expect with freedom of movement- ‘refugees’ like swarms of hungry mosquitoes, drawn to the yellow porch light of freebies.


From the article: Workers become far more productive when they move from a poor country to a rich one. Suddenly, they can join a labour market with ample capital, efficient firms and a predictable legal system."

Here is what the author neglects- some actually do turn out that way, yet many who don’t fit in, have no interest in assimilation, and cling to the same awful traditions of the old land- become a colossal drain on that society. Now multiply that by 20, 30 million, and you have a crushing problem.

I completely disagree with the premise of the article. If you have migration from Switzerland, or the Czech Republic, those people would adapt and assimilate quickly. Enclaves of fourteenth century folk from some trashcanistan will not.


International corporations don’t care about any of that. It’s the money.


I support President Trumps position on illegal immigration. The LooneyTune Liberals won’t get it .We have recently seen more violent crimes committed by Illegals that were deported numerous times. Look. at what happened to the Colts linebacker and uber driver, deported twice, driving without a license(how surprising) and now the Looney Tunes will come to his defense as if he is the innocent victim. At there are Federal charges being filed against him.
How would these Liberals act if it these tragedies would happen to their families???
Monte,are you going to defend this Bum and others like him ???


No, death penalty…


‘Globalization’ is nothing more than a plan… a good sales pitch … and a whole lot of minions to buy into it to their own determent…

It is not inevitable and when you look at it, societies and their structures only grow as big as people can clearly work and communicate with each other… we have surpassed our limit. The tools such as the Internet do not provide the kind of intimate control with our ‘leadership’ that makes us comfortable and when you combine that with the intent to force multiculturalism on entire societies… you will get push back… Globalization is but one way of relating to each other, not the only way.


On one hand you tout the ‘Global GDP’ and on the other you malign the constant push for profit that drives business. Now I understand the need to focus on GDP rather than quality of life… population density etc… because the lower the almighty tax revenue to government that will cure the worlds ills… :roll_eyes:


You reckon Jackson comes from a conservative family? Btw, you don’t like open borders, you don’t like globalization, stop voting for democrats and republicans, shrug.


What… Gary Johnson… :joy::joy::joy::joy:

What if Gary Johnson who you seem to like quite a bit decide that the only way he could affect his policies was to run under the umbrella of one of the major political parties. Would you still vote for him?..


It’s not about his family, it’s about an illegal who isn’t supposed to be here!!! That murderer was twice deported and should’ve been in prison.I don’t believe.Jackson’s family will have alot of sympathy for criminal Illegals.


Yes, I don’t believe we should have a revolving door for any immigrants . There are certain standards tha9 all Legal Immigrants should meet . There’s no Absolute Right for anyone outside the US to come here .
Globalization is another word.for world economic control by Worlds Elitists , the CFR, The Bilderburger Group and the Trilateral Commission.
Probably to your surprise, I’ve voted for a few Democrats in local elections if I thought they were better than the opponent.


Well no not likely, but then personal experience often changes ones perspective. I bet you’d see race relations differently if you were a black person.


We all ready know what free trade and open borders with third world country’s do the the working class in the advanced nation !

Globalization equals slave labor child labor and net around manufactures to catch the jumpers !



Hopefully, however resentful I might be over history, I would be intelligent enough to recognize that my behavior and words to whites in general was no less racist than that of the white person I accuse of being racist… Of course when you have had it drummed into you for years that you are a victim by people who have no real use for you but your vote… you believe the crap…


The American worker has all ready pulled China and Mexico out of the dark ages . The cost to working Americans has been too great and has lead demise of the once mighty middle class .
Put Americans first and make America Great again !!

The mission of this organization will give a lib globalist wet dreams .

Aid Effectiveness and Innovation: Characteristics of effective development assistance, debt relief, and donor accountability practices; support to weak and fragile states; new ways for donor countries to support people’s efforts to escape poverty.

Climate Change: Interactions between global warming and development; climate-related aid (e.g., adaptation assistance, technology transfers, carbon offsets); development-friendly ways to minimize greenhouse gas emissions; the impacts of climate change in developing countries.

Global Governance: The roles of multilateral institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF; ways to make them more responsive to the needs of developing countries and more effective agents for collective action to provide global public goods.

Global Health and Education: The relationships among health, education, demographic change, and development; innovative solutions for health and education financing and delivery; enhancing girls' well-being through education and other investments.

Migration: Opportunities and challenges that large-scale migration presents to global development and poverty reduction; the effects of increased mobility on sending countries' development prospects.

Private Investment and Access to Finance: Policies that affect the quantity and quality of capital flows to low-income countries; the roles of multinational firms in development; protection against adverse financial shocks; access to financial services including microfinance.

Trade: Links between trade policy and global poverty reduction; the politics and policy of food and agricultural subsidies; development-friendly pathways for bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations; preferential market access for developing countries; intellectual property rights.