Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment and his implication to the DNC


Wow! Her Hollywood virtue signaling was on full blast in the beginning of that piece…“an industry that has done so much good at bringing injustice and inequality to light” she must have had her pussy grabbed to get that job.


Feminist Icon Jane Fonda “I knew about the assaults a year ago and didn’t feel it was my place to say anything”


It was however her place to sit on the seat of a North Vietnamese antiaircraft gun and pose with the commies…


Well, there’s always oral?


Not surprised at your response , logic has no place in liberal thinking !


Unless the people associated with the guilty party’s have been lecturing from on high about morals and political correctness .
Sooooooooo let the association. begin !


Bc of your way of thinking that there is a “rape” culture. And you people turn around and cry about it the loudest. The assumption game, I can play it as well.


Hey what’s the bother, give Harvey a break. Boys will be boys even in tinsel town.


If you KNOW it is happening and do NOTHING and in most cases cover it up does that make you guilty ?? Never mind you will never get it right !!! :laughing:


There is no defense for Harvy Weinstein. He is obviously a serial abuser of women, the kind of guy the term “scumbag” is reserved for.

That much acknowledged, what strikes me, however, is all the feigned shock. Is anybody really actually surprised? Weinstein has been doing for decades what many powerful men have doing more or less forever. It’s as absurd to be surprised by Weinstein as it is to be surprised by Trump’s Access Hollywood tape or by Rodger Ailes’ decades long abuse of women.

Weinstein is an example of an endemic ugly fact, not a surprising anomaly.

Think I’m too cynical? Do we have the term “casting couch” for no reason?

But what really fries my bacon about all the outrage is the obvious culture-wide schadenfreude for Weinstein’s fall. The victims? They are mentioned only to give context, not out of any deep concern; unless the victim, of course, is famous. The fact is Americans love watching rich and famous cultural icons anathematized and humiliated in the media as much as ancient Romans loved watching gladiators die in the Coliseum. Doubt this? Ask yourself why Weinstein and OJ Simpson and Madoff and Anthony Weiner were such monster stories. They were monster stories because they were icons who who became punchlines. Can one in 1000 Americans name a single girl Weiner “sexted” with? I doubt it.

It seems Weinstein’s’ abuse of his power spanned a wide spectrum, from asking women to watch him shower and masturbate to encounters he kept secret behind non-disclosure agreements and piles of cash.

But the larger point is this, if Weinstein were a common small town ephebophilic or pederast priest who had abused 50 working class children, boys and girls, the cultural reaction would be a yawn.

There are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, of such victims. The culture yawns. But when an iconic movie mogul demands a blow-job, especially from a beautiful famous actress, that’s news.

There is, as Big Daddy says in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, an “air of mendacity” in the hullaballoo about Weinstein.


The most recent girl that Weiner sexted with would probably be the most easily remembered, given that she was an underage 15 year old–but as her identity has been withheld due to her age, it would be rather difficult for 1 in 1000 Americans to remember her name.

Also, the use of the term “ephebophilic”–that the Catholic Church popularized in their continued attempts to minimize the evils of pedophile priests–is unfortunate. The Church wanted a distinction made between some artificial age range that they’d made up to give the impression that adolescents weren’t really so victimized, and the numbers of victims could seem to be reduced to only those under age 12. It’s a false distinction.

But, I think you’re incorrect about the cultural reaction to the small town pedophile priest. The initial cases that became famous/infamous were in small town Cajunland Louisiana with average local children. The resulting publicity and books written about the cases set off quite a furor that set a tone for investigations elsewhere. There have been all kinds of documentaries and news programs, even movies about the investigations.


That happened.

But clerical abuse of children has been going on for centuries and millions have known about it and done nothing, generation after generation.


Slavery also went on for centuries, but it was largely outlawed because someone started speaking out against it.

My generation of women in all kinds of places walked away from the so-called “progressive” “leftist” politics of men who always had some other issue that was important, but not insignificant like women’s issues of rape or sexual harassment.

Women channeled our energy into making changes in how that got reported and prosecuted. Women filed lawsuits against sexual harassment, lobbied for law changes against rape and sexual assault of all kinds, and then went into court and won the cases that their male counterparts couldn’t.

So, centuries of abuse changed–eventually even in those great bastions of “liberal” and “progressive” thought like Boston and Los Angeles, where the church fathers who were sooooo concerned about the poor also didn’t mind if the practices of the past continued and a few hundred or thousand, or whatever numbers of children had their lives destroyed by evil men wearing roman collars.

Things changed so much that a pope even had to step down. That a new and well-regarded pope had to send his right hand man home to Australia to face prosecution.

Weinstein is news because women stopped being willing to listen to men tell us that we couldn’t be candidates for office and that what we thought important, like protecting ourselves and our children, just wasn’t. Because women listened instead to those whom some so-called “progressives” disdain, those well-known feminist icons, and thought that they could stand up for their rights and file lawsuits, lobby for changes in the law.

That mindset started to seep into the culture, rather than the one that said women were to be judged by their rape fantasies. Eventually, that took down a man like Weinstein.


I guess you don’t realize that global slave trade still exists, with Muslims doing the most buying and selling. Yet you kiss their pedophile moon god worshipping asses. This thread was about a Jewish pervert. Pay attention.


I wonder what Barry Diller is doing these days…

What about David Geffen…

Where are the others that everyone knows about?

Weinstein deserves every single bit of the opprobrium attached to him but it’s ridiculous to pretend that the problem is not systemic and Weinstein is an aberration.


That famous phallic symbol the Oscar should be renamed the Weinstein.


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I’m hearing rumors now that Michael Moore has some connection to all of this.


Youre the only one pretending here, buddy. Glad Hollywood is going down tho (prob not, money make good plot armor).