Hate and bigotry win big in Virginia


No I do not and have not. My father however was his whole career as were my uncles and really a lot of working men I knew growing up.

Somebody’s always got to ruin a good thing and it happened with this as with so many other things. When the concept of the Union was first brought to light, the American worker was in desperate need of it. If you don’t believe that to be true you should take a look at the history of the industrial revolution in America and the working conditions of men/women and children (yes it once was leagel to work children in our factories) and why they needed to unite as they did. But as I hinted to earlier, it went too far and the American worker priced himself out of a job. So there’s plenty of blame to go around.


You have a independent in the White House today ! You have only to look at President Trump platform and actions as President to see the truth .
The swamp is the enemy of American freedom and democracy .


Both parties brought us to this place. Trump is a republican, ask him.


Just not the kind of Republican that the people like McCain and McConnell like… Republicans are not all on the same page and their is a growing movement to sent Democratic branch of the republican party back where it came from. Trump may indeed prove to be just a continuation of the swamp we have created… or he may be forced into positions he might not otherwise take.


That’s going to be both parties. Trump IS a republican and has staffed himself accordingly.


Both party’s the main street media and the swamp are in lock step against President Trump ! Even a blind man has to see the establishment politicians in the G.O.P have stopped health care reform and probable tax reform .
The swamp is in control we may need a Russian / Chinese style reform to make America Great !


We have to be somewhat careful here. It is most certainly true that the establishment not happy with the disruption Trump is bringing to their established order… They have spent careers creating the kind of security around themselves that ‘in many cases’ Trump is tearing apart but we can believe that Trump is a sincere constitutionality or that he is in fact any kind of states rights advocate. He is a big government man through and through… he is more socially liberal than evangelicals will admit but he wants an more simple big government and… a cheaper big government. Much of his efforts that look like ‘giving states back control’ has much more to do with cost shifting programs to the state tax payer.

On the same token, when we look at the Trump movement and in particular Steve Bannon’s part in it from where we are in America today, it all sounds wonderful but if you truly understand the Bannon end game… he is a mercantileist through and through. If he could, he would take our understanding of life, liberty and happiness back prior to the revolution. We need to use these people to move us away from the disaster that is progressivism but we need to be very careful just how much rope we give them to hang us with…


Are you suggesting revolution as a founder once framed it. Do you suggest that the tree of liberty needs refreshing with the blood of despots and tyrants???


Scott you are right we can never go back too blindly trusting our government to do what is in best for their working citizens !
The truth is out and we will not go silently back into the dark !


What “we” and what “dark”?


That is the biggest lie globalist throw out to explain the shafting American working citizens union and especially nonunion .
The best years for labor were the best times to be an American .
We built a interstate highway system the envy of the world .
We cured polio and ended TB in America .
We put a man on the moon and our flag is the only flag that has ever flown there .
One person working could support a family pay the mortgage and make a car payment and put money in the bank !
The middle class made America and congress multi nationals the WTO have done everything they can to destroy us !
Free Trade a corrupted congress and corporate greed killed the middle class and burned the ladder out of poverty for all working Americans .


No I am not a protester or revolutionary .
I leave that to the democratic s they have a record going all the way back the slavery and K.K.K Jim Crow Vietnam protesters weather men anti civil right’s antifa B.L.M .


Not a lie dude. The union demands on the corporations went too far.


Ok well elsewhere you suggested that you guys (not sure exactly who that is comprised of) came out of darkness and weren’t going back, shrug.


I think that the unions harmed the US labor market in that regard. Keep in mind that after WWII the US was the only industrial base still in tact… everywhere else had been bombed. The world market was ours. Unions, and it is showing itself quite clearly with public sector unions now, pushed up wages and pensions that were and are unsustainable. Having said that, beyond the reckless policies of spreading democracy, and with it US wealth, were our very lopsided trade policies (I believe they were designed to have the effect that they have had… export wealth) which in the words of my man Ross… was that sucking sound you herd… With that the FED, untethered from Bretton Woods has pushed the credit economy and with it asset prices where people can no longer afford houses… Things were good in the 50’s and 60’s… but other people had plans…


But it’s not any longer. The ASCE grades all 14 areas of our infrastructure every four years and for the last four report cards, all 14 categories get a D!!! Yep, America is no longer number one, it’s in decline and theres a diminishing chance of stopping it. And both parties have shared power the whole way and they both are responsible. I told you earlier that I opposed NAFTA, GATT and TPP. Ross Perot saw it coming and he was an INDEPENDENT, but try as we may to get people to vote independent, despite the fact 40% of Americans now register as independents they return to their sacred democratic and republican parties on Election Day, shrug.


Gary Johnson was not Ross Perot… You just can’t throw any old person out their and put an ‘independent’ label on them and expect people to move away from their comfort zone… I mean Sanders was most defiantely no Perot even though he once called himself an independent before he attempted to become a disruptor of the democratic party… unfortunately his was no fiscal disciplinarian…


And those people to which you speak are both democrats and republican. Doing something different next time??


The hard truth is collage educated American executives fired fellow Americans so they could make their eight pieces of gold exploiting labor around the world !
Across all companies, the average CEO pay was $13.8 million per year, the average median worker pay was about $77,800, and the average ratio of CEO pay to median worker pay was 204. In other words, on average, CEOs earn around 204 times what his or her median worker earns.
The median annual Chief Operating Officer salary is $448,854, as of September 27, 2017, with a range usually between $349,495-$566,977, however this can vary widely depending on a variety of factors.
CEO Pay Has Grown 90 Times Faster than Typical Worker Pay Since 1978
Over the last several decades, inflation-adjusted CEO compensation increased from $1.5 million in 1978 to $16.3 million in 2014, or 997 percent, a rise almost double stock market growth. Over the same time period, a typical worker’s wages grew very little: the annual compensation, adjusted for inflation, of the average private-sector production and nonsupervisory worker (comprising 82 percent of total payroll employment) rose from $48,000 in 1978 to just $53,200 in 2014, an increase of only 10.9 percent. Due to this unequal growth, average top CEOs now make over 300 times what typical workers earn.http://www.epi.org/publication/ceo-pay-has-grown-90-times-faster-than-typical-worker-pay-since-1978/


Not across all companies.

From your link:
Our measure of CEO pay covers chief executives of the top 350 U.S. firms and includes the value of stock options exercised in a given year plus salary, bonuses, restricted stock grants, and long-term incentive payouts.