Hate and bigotry win big in Virginia


You can’t seriously call any labor union insidious public or private !!!
We are all American working citizens supporting our families , churches , community , city’s , states , and country .
We didn’t close factories in America and move to Communist China !
We don’t have trillions of dollars offshore waiting for some shill in congress to grease the skids to enable then to bring the money home !
You are attempting separating working Americans to fracture us .
Union members demand more money because as professionals they are better trained and dedicated to doing the job right the first time . Most building trades have four year and many have five year apprenticeships . https://www.google.com/search?q=corp+salaries+1970+till+2017&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi5nJamqbrXAhXPZiYKHUErBbIQvwUIIygA&biw=1920&bih=918
CEO-To-Worker Pay Ratio Ballooned 1,000 Percent Since 1950: Report

The ratio of CEO-to-worker pay has increased 1,000 percent since 1950, according to data from Bloomberg. Today Fortune 500 CEOs make 204 times regular workers on average, Bloomberg found. The ratio is up from 120-to-1 in 2000, 42-to-1 in 1980 and 20-to-1 in 1950.

“When CEOs switched from asking the question of ‘how much is enough’ to ‘how much can I get,’ investor capital and executive talent started scrapping like hyenas for every morsel,” Roger Martin, dean of the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, told Bloomberg.
Nonunion workers wages go up when union wages go up everyone benefits !

Let’s look at the salaries paid to corp. executives http://work.chron.com/average-income-ceo-fortune-500-company-5348.html

The best-compensated chief executive in the 2012 survey was John H. Hammergren of health-care company McKesson, according to Forbes. His total compensation of $131.2 million included $6.3 million in salary and $112 million from exercising vested stock options. The second-highest-paid CEO was Ralph Lauren of his eponymous fashion house, whose compensation was $66.7 million. Five CEOs took a mere $1 in salary, but four of the five are already billionaires, and most were compensated in other ways.
Pay Trends

The Fortune 500 CEOs’ compensation in the 2012 report was up 16 percent over the previous year’s report, according to Forbes, including an 8 percent increase in salary and bonus. Most of the compensation was not actual pay and bonuses, as exercised stock options and vested stock awards added up to 61 percent of the total. Fortune 500 CEO compensation peaked in the 2007 report, $17.1 million on average, before a three-year decline to $8.5 million, on average, in 2010, according to Forbes.


That’s rich from the 2 year old who refuses to engage, ROTFLMAO.


For the adults…back on topic. 1 realize you talk to a lot of people and live in the city. But this election was a landslide with thirty state house seats flipped democrat.


I don’t oppose single payer I don’t think at this time America can afford to pay for it !
A shortage of doctors is part of the problem so make more doctors and flood the market with doctors !
Drug pricing is ridiculous in America thanks to largely to congress and drug company’s payola to influence doctors .
Medical fraud

Justice Department Recovers Over $4.7 Billion From False Claims Act Cases in Fiscal Year 2016
Third Highest Annual Recovery in FCA History https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-recovers-over-47-billion-false-claims-act-cases-fiscal-year-2016
The Department of Justice obtained more than $4.7 billion in settlements and judgments from civil cases involving fraud and false claims against the government in fiscal year 2016 ending Sept. 30, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Benjamin C. Mizer, head of the Justice Department’s Civil Division, announced today. This is the third highest annual recovery in False Claims Act history, bringing the fiscal year average to nearly $4 billion since fiscal year 2009, and the total recovery during that period to $31.3 billion.

“Congress amended the False Claims Act 30 years ago to give the government a more effective tool against false and fraudulent claims against federal programs,” said Mizer. “An astonishing 60 percent of those recoveries were obtained in the last eight years. The beneficiaries of these efforts include veterans, the elderly, and low-income families who are insured by federal health care programs; families and students who are able to afford homes and go to college thanks to federally insured loans; and all of us who are protected by the government’s investment in national security and defense. In short, Americans across the country are healthier, enjoy a better quality of life, and are safer because of our continuing success in protecting taxpayer funds from misuse.”

Of the $4.7 billion recovered, $2.5 billion came from the health care industry, including drug companies, medical device companies, hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, and physicians. The $2.5 billion recovered in fiscal year 2016 reflects only federal losses. In many of these cases, the Department was instrumental in recovering additional millions of dollars for state Medicaid programs. This is the seventh consecutive year the Department’s civil health care fraud recoveries have exceeded $2 billion.

The next largest recoveries came from the financial industry in the wake of the housing and mortgage fraud crisis. Settlements and judgments in cases alleging false claims in connection with federally insured residential mortgages totaled nearly $1.7 billion in fiscal year 2016 – the second highest annual recovery in this area.

Maybe county hospital style clinic’s where the patient would be billed according to a percentage of their wage ?

America truly has the very best health care in the world . The sad truth is that you have to be a millionaire to afford it !


Ok, that’s good to know.


WASHINGTON — Hundreds of people nationwide, including dozens of doctors, have been charged in health care fraud prosecutions, accused of collectively defrauding the government of $1.3 billion, the Justice Department said on Thursday.

Nearly one-third of the 412 charged were accused of opioid-related crimes. The health care providers, about 50 of them doctors, billed Medicare and Medicaid for drugs that were never purchased; collected money for false rehabilitation treatments and tests; and gave out prescriptions for cash, according to prosecutors.


I have healthcare and am not a millionaire.

It was more affordable before the ACA but this is what the democrats wanted for this country.

And no this country cannot afford single payer for multiple reasons:

  1. Lack of providers.
  2. Rationing would never fly.
  3. Americans especially the economic bottom half of this country refuses to pay for healthcare.
  4. 20 Trillion in debt comes to mind.
  5. Government corruption and inability to administer a small program like the VA. Imagine the entire US like the VA.
    Cost of Drugs?
    It takes 5 billion dollars to bring a drug to market. That doesn’t speak to the cost of the drugs that don’t make it.
    A patent is issues for 20 years when the drug is formulated before testing, trials, approval. Most drugs the are introduced have 7 years or less before expiration and they become targets for generic formulation.

It’s always far more complex than we imagine. My niece who lives in the UK is in the US this month to see specialists. Wait time in the UK, 3-4 months. A new drug introduced in the US 3 months ago isn’t approved in the UK so she gets a prescription filled her and relatives ships it to her in the UK.


Btw, what this report fails to mention is that the government is paying independent auditors A COMMISSION on omissions and errors they find and then they’re always reported back as false/fraudulent claims. Part of my service to doctors as their billing company is to shove that shit right back up those auditors asses. People do make mistakes, the doctors front desk, his office manager, even the doctor at the end of a busy day filling out his charts with the onerous requirements that came along with EMR’s a dozen years ago, can make mistakes. My offices have done about a dozen responses to these independent audits and with one exception, the auditors withdrew their claims, and due to HIPPA 1 can’t divulge the details. But most of the time these criminal charges are false, but if a doctor is doing his billing in house, which means his office manager is also billing claims, working the AR, and representing him in these types of audits, they usually end up refunding what the independent auditors have charged, which the auditor receives a commission on.

Men are not angels, and there’s corruption to be found everywhere you look, but based on my experience, 1 would suggest that a large portion of these charges aren’t legitimate.



How much did they miss along the way??


That simply is not true across the board.


I responded to you as I would anyone that dismissed a insidious attack on America’s working class with a shrug !


Well, setting aside the fact that that is in violation of the forum rules that you agreed to live by when you signed up, 1 was dismissing your assertion of it being an attack on American workers to begin with, and it’s not civil of you, if you have any desire to participate in civil debate.


How high up the food chain that you can call welfare, social security a liabilities to society ?
How many American live solely on social security today ?
According to the Social Security Administration, 23 percent of married couples and 46 percent of single people receive 90 percent or more of their income from Social Security. Furthermore, 53 percent of married couples and 74 percent of unmarried people receive half of their income or more from the program.
I would call that a huge success ! If government were to pay any kind of a interest rate from the funds they have used from the beginning the fund would be healthier yet !

21.3 Percent of U.S. Population Participates in Government Assistance Programs Each Month

Approximately 52.2 million (or 21.3 percent) people in the U.S. participated in major means-tested government assistance programs each month in 2012, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report released today. Participation rates were highest for Medicaid (15.3 percent) and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as the food stamp program (13.4 percent).

The average monthly participation rate in major means-tested programs increased from 18.6 percent in 2009 to 20.9 percent in 2011. However, from 2011 to 2012, there was no statistically significant change in the percentage of people who participated. From 2009 to 2012, the average monthly participation rates for Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income and SNAP increased, while the rate decreased for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families/General Assistance.

Who Participated in 2012?

Children under age 18: Those under 18 were more likely to receive means-tested benefits than all other age groups.

            o   In an average month, 39.2 percent of children received some type of means-tested
                 benefit, compared with 16.6 percent of people age 18 to 64 and 12.6 percent of people
                 65 and older.

The black population: At 41.6 percent, blacks were more likely to participate in government assistance programs in an average month.

            o   The black participation rate was followed by Hispanics at 36.4 percent, Asians or Pacific
                 Islanders at 17.8 percent, and non-Hispanic whites at 13.2 percent.

Female-householder families: At 50 percent, people in female-householder families had the highest rates of participation in major means-tested programs.

            o   The rates for people in married-couple families and male-householder families were 14.7
                 percent and 29.5 percent, respectively.

Non-high school graduates: 37.3 percent of people who did not graduate from high school received means-tested benefits.

            o   21.6 percent of high school graduates and 9.6 percent of individuals with one or more
                 years of college participated in one of the major means-tested government assistance

The unemployed: In an average month, 33.5 percent of the unemployed received means-tested benefits in an average month of 2012.

            o   By comparison, 25.3 percent of those not in the labor force, 17.6 percent of part-time
                 workers, and 6.7 percent of full-time workers participated in means-tested programs.

Are you sure you or your will never need these programs ?


Therein lies the problem with the system. When FDR was having his weekly radio “fireside chats” when he was explaining the new system they had conceived of known as social security, he framed it as a three legged stool. Individuals were to have retirement based upon retirement pension, personal savings and social security supplement, with the key word being supplement. Social security wasn’t designed or intended to ever be what “Americans live solely on”. A good personal example. My father retired in 1986 at the age of 62 with 180K in his SS account (his and matched contributions to SS) but 1 only just lost him this past spring at 94. He had long overdrawn his account, and to make matters worse, my mother who never worked a day outside the home (not to diminish her, she raised 9 kids) and therefore NEVER contributed to SS herself, nevertheless began drawing SS at the age of 62, and when my father died, her SS benefits WENT UP!!! This is not sustainable.


Retirement pensions went away long before health care in the private market place !
Those that survived many were grossly underfunded and the government had to step in and retires got screwed !
When F.R.D had his chats with fellow Americans he could have never foresee a time when Americans fired fellow Americans closed thousands of factories move to a hostile Communist country to improve profit margins !

Most of our corporations do little more then use America as a postal drop . They hide behind America laws and military and use American consumers as there piggy bank !

From my experience your dad was very fortunate I hope you enjoyed your time with him .
Most of the people I know that have retired live less then ten years after most are gone in three to five years .
I know fifteen or twenty that never drew a dime after paying all their working life and passing before 62 .

We live in three Americas one wealthy and one just surviving and one not surviving without government help !
With out F.D.R s social security and todays social safety nets I fear America would be a very dangerous place ?


Sir, I’m quite aware of WHAT HAPPENED, but that doesn’t refute what 1 told you, social security is being abused, it’s being used way outside it’s original peramiters, both with millions of examples like the one that 1 shared with you, and with things like people in their 50’s getting SS disability. It simply is not sustainable.

Btw, average life male life expectancy in America today is 78.74 years, your personal experiences notwithstanding.


Pretty much no disagreements there.


Yes indeed, he did and 1 did.


Which is a very real concern.


Maybe for a guy that sits on his ass all day at work and works out three times a week !
But for those of us lucky enough to have worked for a living it is a much different story !

In a study published in The Lancet, scientists from Boston University School of Public Health report that the richest 1% of Americans live an average of 10 to 15 years longer than the poorest 1%. Since 2001, those with the least income showed no increase in survival, while people in middle and high incomes groups have gained on average two years in life expectancy.
If current trends continue, they predict that in a single generation, the gap in longevity between the wealthiest and poorest 20% of Americans will extend to a decade. “Without interventions to decouple income and health, or to reduce inequalities in income, we might see the emergence of a 21st century health-poverty trap and the further widening and hardening of socioeconomic inequalities in health,” they write.http://time.com/4729816/income-inequality-health-longevity/

However, more alarming is the financial weakness of those nearing retirement. Some 42% of those age 55 to 64 said they lacked six months’ worth of savings, and 47% said they were living paycheck to paycheck. How these people are going to retire at 70 — let alone 65 — and then live for several decades on their accumulated savings is a mystery.

Wall Street economists have been talking since around 2009 about how U.S. households are “repairing their balance sheets” following the financial crisis. It is a misleading line. The most recent comprehensive survey of the public’s balance sheets is the 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances conducted by the Federal Reserve. It is out of date but shows how far households still had to climb a few years ago.

Looking only at households with assets, the Fed grouped them into four quarters, from rich to poor. The third quarter — those from the 50th through 75% percentile — had a median net worth of just $31,000. That includes the value of their home. That figure was lower, when adjusted for inflation, than in 1989.https://www.marketwatch.com/story/half-of-americans-are-living-paycheck-to-paycheck-2017-06-27