Hate and bigotry win big in Virginia


Social security is being used not abused !
The powers that be shipped almost all of Americas manufacturing to a Communist country China !
We are a service nation now and as a service nation our citizens can’t pay there bills . Social security has given some American citizens a chance at survival no one is getting fat on your dime we are helping Americans not the Chinese Communist !


It’s the average, shrug. I’m sure you know how that works. And typically people who “set on their asses” are not as fit as people who work outdoors. You know that there are plenty of jobs done by people at desk jobs that help make your world run smoothly everyday and you should stop dismissing them as you do. It’s a terrible bias.


I have told you what you can do with your shrug !
Citizens that work hard out side or inside for that matter just wear out . Knees hips back just wern’t built for the years abuse !
White collar employees must do something useful some where . Get out the payroll for instance , usually fucked up !


Are you here to debate, or to be rude to fellow posters?? As to your continued assertions that the white collar work force is inferior, that’s just unabashed bigotry. ALL JOBS ARE IMPORTANT.


You bait the hook and act surprised when I bite . You are a poor fisherman .


You do seem to run afoul of a lot of people… You say you are a councilor?.. My oh my, it must be rough for people will real anger issues to get much help from you. My son for a period in his life acted the way that you do… Seems that no matter what happened, it was always someone else’s fault. Eventually he figured it out… you attract the reaction you elicit…


Um no, 1 just have the discipline to debate without personally attacking fellow posters.


Or you are just really good at getting people to rise to it and then claiming the moral high ground… :roll_eyes:


This is debate at it’s finest:

Somebody thinks we should bring party affiliations into the courtroom. What shit ass hypocrites.

Some people think that they should automatically dismiss Menedez and his activities as they did Clinton. It wasn’t GOPr’s that felt this way. GOPr’s were willing to toast Nixon. Were democons willing to toast Clinton?

Is the hypocrite you? Or someone who knows the a liberal/progressive will nor convict a democrat? And now the sam holds true for the right who would never support getting rid of Trump if they ever find anything to dump on his doorstep. Maybe you can Trump (LOL) up shop charges like the leftists see so good at. I wonder, does it take a shitass to know a shit ass?


It’s funny watching people who lack the discipline to control their anger when they’ve been bested and then engage in name calling and personal attacks of fellow posters. Carry on gentlemen.


Bested… Now that is sanctimony personified… Rarely do you put out a tangible argument… and quite using ’ 1 ’ as an ’ I '… It shows far to little keyboard discipline…

Bested??? could you even explain just how you think you have actually ‘won’ a debate on this forum? Or indeed by what measure you gauge your success?.. is it just your uncanny ability to piss people off and then keep chatting like you are the superior one?.. Some people actually deserve to be called names…


Funny watching the alt right defending Americas biggest social program. Snicker.


I’m afraid that I don’t really see @imjimo as alt right. A good many of his comments tend to agree with progressive politics. Unions as they operate today are the very best in the collectivist mindset.

‘Many’ (not all) of the people who live strictly on Social Security are a victim of the very same dependency that has been created by other social programs… Had it not been for the way in which FDR put forth his New Deal programs have lead the US down this path… Post WWII elitists have created quite a power structure around that dependency… The shipping of US jobs and wealth overseas was not an accident… and yet some people will support the conditions that created it on one hand and announce ‘America First’ on the other…

That of course isn’t to say that @imjimo hasn’t sussed you out though… Snicker…


Not sure what you mean by that, what democrat (other than HRC l suppose) would you like seeing convicted? And your support of social security in light of my assertions that it’s being abused is a bit confusing to me. FDR did a damn good job with its creation as a single leg in a three legged stool (his phraseology) one leg, a supplemental to ones retirement, but it’s American citizens that failed to save, and do their part (not everybody has failed in this) so you have a tremendous amount of Americans today who see SS as their sole resource. This is why you constantly hear people saying that it’s not enough, and congress gives periodic increases. It was never created to be all that Americans were to live on. But then you know this. Again, it seems odd that a righty is defending a broken social program in America, and not any old one, the biggest, shrug.


The retirement age at the inception of SS was 65. Longevity 65.

Since then with the massive amount of cash, they:
Decreased SS retirement age to 62.5.
Added spousal benefits.
Added children’s benefits.
Added disability benefits.
Added death benefits for children deceased parents.
The longevity factor has dramatically increased with out increasing retirement age.

And politicians never considered the consequences spending the surplus like a drunken sailor.

And yes, SS is a pay as you go system, the will forever cost taxpayers.

And shrug, it’s broken.


That’s hilarious, better switch parties dude.


You like all of your ilk sit on the side name calling with no skin in the game nothing to defend nothing to stand fore just whining about the America you hide behind !


Shrug, and the debate is snicker.


You have me confused with others here. Otherwise, SS is broken, because it has been abused. Your failure to acknowledge that is irrelevant and hasn’t any bearing on the program, shrug.


It’s broken because congress has changed the law.