Hate, Not Hope: BBC And British Press Signal Boost Communist Activists


Once upon a time, the subversive elements in society preferred to stay hidden and effect their machinations through clandestine means. Those days are long over. Hope Not Hate is a hard-left organization set up with taxpayer money to oppose extremism, wherever it may be. As we all know by now, the best way to confront radicalization and promote liberty is to adopt communism as quickly as possible. Hope Not Hate are here to help us do just that.

With the annual release of their report entitled State of Hate (and available for a donation of at least £6.50), Hope Not Hate provide your favorite left-wing bloggers and talking heads with much-needed ammunition against the evils of all extremism so long as the extremism is "right wing" in origin and does not pray towards from Mecca.

Despite claiming to be an opponent of all extremist activity Hope Not Hate are resolute in ignoring Islamic terrorism, hate crimes towards the Kuffar, female genital mutilation, and anti-Semitism. In a piece published in The Guardian, Hope Not Hate's Matthew Collins -who styles himself as Head of Research- beats the fear-drum.

"There’s no knowing or guessing from where the next far-right terror attack will come. It could come from a peripheral member of any number of groups that are active in the UK. It could come from another Darren Osborne. We do not even know which particular or pre-eminent ideology it is that will inspire or encourage it. Will it be anti-Muslim; antisemitic; or against “snowflakes”? Or will it be killing for the sake of hate killing?"

Considering Collins is Head of Research for Hope Not Hate, it does not appear that he actually knows anything of note at all. He doesn't know who is dangerous, he doesn't know why they are dangerous, or to whom. He does know that they are out there and that is enough for Chicken Little to yell that the sky is indeed falling and the clouds look awfully like swastikas today.

Collins is allegedly a former far-righter himself, though he quickly changed his tune to the point of uncritically worshipping Stalin's Red Army. It is strange how far people will go to make amends for their discarded opinions.

While happy to proclaim that Stalin was just misunderstood, you will find no critique from Matthew Collins about Islam. He writes in this same Guardian piece:

"A look at the thousands of angry white men on British social media gives a fair indication that the temperature of fear, hatred, and misunderstanding driven by social media and far-right fake news and unchecked paranoia is palpable and increasing."

The arrogance of the British Left is quite something. So feeble minded are White Britons that social media and fake news is enough to turn people into Nazis. Nevermind that rise in populism and nationalist politics across the planet cannot be explained by social media and fake news. Nevermind that Britain has unofficial blasphemy laws protecting Islam alone, or that thousands of cases of FGM have gone unpunished in the country. Nevermind that Sharia patrols walk the streets of towns defining parts of England as the property of Islam. Nevermind that uncontrolled immigration has led to strained public services, a lack of social housing and seismic demographic change that has overturned the nature of Britain itself within two generations. It's all fake news to Hope Not Hate's Pravda reality.

In a morally relativistic and post-modern world, it is impossible for any on the left to consider that some cultures are superior to others. Witness Russell Brand telling Sam Harris that he couldn't decide whether sending his own daughters to be instructed by the Taliban in Afghanistan is a bad idea or not because they are a different culture. Despite the Taliban not being an Afghan culture themselves, and therefore as an interloping society oppressing the native people, the mind of the leftist stops working once you point out that Islam is not a monolith just as not all Muslims are terrorists. This is a moribund and spineless form of leftism promoted by Hope Not Hate and propped up here by The Guardian, the BBC and of course, Lizzie Dearden in the Independent.

Today she 'reports':

"Far-right extremists are preparing for what they believe is a “war against Islam”, a report has warned in the wake of police alerts over attempted attacks.

Hope Not Hate’s annual report forecast further violence emanating from various factions following the Finsbury Park terror attack on Muslims and neo-Nazi murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.

Nick Lowles, chief executive of the campaign group, said that with the combination of “civil war” rhetoric and growing online hatred, “we must be prepared for more terrorist plots and use of extreme violence from the far-right for the foreseeable future”."

I am getting used to being prescient with my predictions. This one was proven within 12 hours of publishing yesterday's piece on Tommy Robinson's Twitter ban.

At the tail end of that piece, I wrote the following:

"Harriet Agerholm and Lizzie Dearden of The Independent will keep peddling the lie that the far right is a far greater problem for the UK than Islam- despite the evidence to the contrary. With the support of the British establishment, media and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook will continue to gag those who tell the truth.

For some reason, these alleged journalists are unable to do the basic due diligence of verifying statistics or providing citations, but are rewarded with high paying jobs and protection from social media platforms."

I wish to express my thanks to Lizzie Dearden and The Independent for behaving exactly as predicted.

Yes, we read all about the four unspecified far-right terror plots Scotland Yard allegedly stopped last year- is that a surge? If it is, then it can only be the case that Hope Not Hate are deliberately avoiding paying attention to other kinds of violence which have surged far more. In this case, we can accurately describe Hope Not Hate as state-funded hard-left activists. If we can call them state-funded hard left activists we must ask why their founder Nick Lowles published articles with the socialist group who supported George Galloway, a former politician who has supported every Islamic terrorist group and dictator available, and many who were not.

It goes without saying that Hope Not Hate are also heavily funded by the Open Society of George Soros- Hope Not Hate fulfill their side of the bargain by attacking Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian premier who has the temerity to defy Soros and declare that borders are a good thing.

With this funding Hope Not Hate have been able to set up student groups across the country to further spread their communism.

"But Lowles, himself an ex Jewish student activist, is not against revisionism in general. He is not against Israelis dismissing the Palestinian holocaust - he has no quarrel with Nakba denial. Nor does he oppose the deniers of the Arminian Holocaust. And for some reason, HOPE not hate is also strangely silent about the Ukrainian holocaust, the Holodomor - that according to prominent Israeli Zionist writer Sever Plocker and others, was largely inflicted by Stalin’s Jews. Nick Lowles and ‘HOPE not hate’ are completely uninterested in the denial of any holocaust – any, that is, except one." - Gilad Atzmon

Who recognizes all holocausts except the one perpetrated by communists? MORE communists.

Hope Not Hate, far from being interested in opposing extremism, have attempted to map the Counter-Jihad of people and groups opposed to Islamic extremism. Though since removed from their site -as is all mention of Islam save for four articles on combatting Islamophobia- Knowles and Collins saw no problem with critiquing opponents of Jihad as 'neoconservatives' which is as inaccurate as it is possible to get while still tarring people with ideologies you don't like. I'll call Hope Not Hate communists because their actions and beliefs- as we will see next. Though Hope Not Hate can delete their pages, the internet never forgets.

In a bizarre exposition of his beliefs, Nick Knowles attempts to link Anders Brevik -the far-right killer of liberal teens in Norway- to some broader counter-Jihad movement. As Denmark's Europe News pointed out, this was a lie. Knowles writes further:

"The ideas of the ‘Counter-Jihad’ movement are largely based around the belief that Islam poses a serious threat to Western civilization. Many of its adherents also fail to distinguish between the hardline radical Islamists, such as Al-Muhajiroun, and the overwhelming majority of Muslims who reject these extremist views and just want to live quietly and in peace. Immigration and multiculturalism are seen by many as the Trojan Horses through which Islam is gaining a foothold in the West.

Their numbers are numerically small but their influence is much bigger. Their anti-Muslim rhetoric poisons the political discourse, sometimes with deadly effect.

On every level, the ‘Counter-Jihad’ movement is one that we cannot afford to ignore. For this reason, we have produced this ‘Counter-Jihad’ report and are establishing the ‘Counter-Jihad’ Monitoring Unit."

Despite cucking so hard for Islam, Knowles himself was deplatformed by students even further left than he is- so I will not go so far as to say that Hope Not Hate have never criticized Islamic extremism- they just don't do so anymore, and any attention paid to the Religion of Peace was token, half-hearted and weak. Knowles finds it much easier to criticize the people who are willing to do the difficult but necessary work of criticizing Islam rather than live his life according to consistent principles.

As you have seen, Hope Not Hate have found themselves an easy gig denouncing racists on social media and providing ideological credence for the mewling of liberal journalists. It is weakness incarnate, cowardice and pure self serving- but what do you expect? It is far too late in the day for us to start believing communists care about actual people- Britain, as it stands, is on a knife edge as the concerns of the majority go unheard. To be concerned with immigration is racist, according to Hope Not Hate. It is Islamophobic to notice gangs of Pakistani rapists according to Hope Not Hate. Who knows what Hope Not Hate would say about the more than 400 ISIS combat veterans currently on the streets of Britain. Thousands of jihadis are also in the country, which by any measure you like to apply outweigh the threat of far-right groups like National Action. We can only imagine what Hope Not Hate would say, as their lips are firmly sealed unless the evil-doer is White.

This would be hypocrisy if Hope Not Hate were not communists. To point to the murderers Thomas Mair and Darren Osborne as some expression of an undetectable-yet-deep-rooted far-right terrorist network that is more worthy of the attention of the nation than all the problems that come with Islam is nothing short bare faced lies and disinformation. It is a communist agenda, it is an anti-White agenda, and it is supported by incredibly powerful people at home and abroad.

The lies of Hope Not Hate can be bought by George Soros, the BBC, The Guardian, and The Independent. The truth is not for sale at any price.

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The only thing left to do is for the white males (and their families) of the UK to abandon ship, immigrate to the US, and go to places like Alaska, the Dakotas, Montana, etc. It’s mainly white and Christian in those areas. Land is cheap and muh freedom is still very much intact. These are perfect places to congregate and establish enclaves. The writing is on the wall.


Problem with that is leftists would end up catching on and sneaking in with them. They are too weak to put up a fight in their own country what makes you think they would do it here? They would just allow themselves to be overrun. We have enough problems with that ourselves.


Yeah in general they have cucked themselves hard. So hard that they are giving Sweden a run for their money. But these are still our brothers over there and not all of them have cucked. We need to form up together. We have the land. They don’t. It’s just a matter of giving them a chance to survive as long as they accept that their is no saving their country. It would be on them to help repel the leftists with us. We can be more effective the better coordinated we are. Once these guys get a true taste of freedom they will want to defend it.


The same applies to South Africans and Europeans who want to escape as it does to all of us. We all need to leave cities and take over the country side in low-population states. Let the liberals have their cities. Our ancestors built those cities and we can build our own. We all know what happens when we leave cities. They fall apart.


The other problem is the lack of work. Sure we can all just pick up and move to Montana but where is the money going to come from? Not everyone can work virtually 100% of the time. Although remote work for white collar jobs has been possible for many years now, it hasn’t happened and it’s not going to. I like the idea but it isn’t something that can just be done overnight at a large scale.


Britain is still one of the science and technology capitals of the planet. To be fair my people have been under the hammer for so long I don’t know if they can wake. Saxons are slow to anger, and all that.


The other thing is if Brits do start waking up they will get arrested for having bad thoughts.


And now we come around to why I don’t live in England any more.


It’s now the year 2030. England, 1/16th white, has announced that it will no longer teach inductive reasoning so as to discourage racism.


I used to feel bad for England. I don’t any more. They are hopelessly cucked and will get raped out of existence. Weaklings.


Umar Haque, age 25 showed children ages 11-14 beheading videos from ISIS propaganda, and intended to carry out these attacks in London and made them role play attacking police officers.

“His plan was to create an army of children to assist with multiple terrorist attacks throughout London,” said Dean Haydon, head of the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command.“He tried and he did, we believe, radicalize vulnerable children from the ages of 11 to 14.”

“Despite having no qualifications and being employed as an administrator, police say Haque used the guise of teaching Islamic studies to groom 110 children into becoming militants at the Lantern of Knowledge, a small private Islamic school, and at a madrassa connected to the Ripple Road Mosque in east London”.

I guess this is all part and parcel now right? I mean London always had to worry about Muslims preaching to raise a child army, and more importantly if this Muslim wouldn’t have done it any White British man would.




Revolution. Now. Please.


Did you hear about the child refugees in Ireland using a bulldozer to break into shops during the snowstorm and raid them? Really nice and wholesome cultural enrichment.


And the new PM of ireland wants a million immigrants. Population of Ireland: 5m.



The military should round up all these people and fly them to a Muslim country of their choice along with their sympathizers.
Maybe some would be killed in Syria,Yemen or Afghanistan.


You are a lot nicer than I am. The military should round all of them up and use them for live fire target practice.


It’s official White Anglos in their own homeland are now second class citizens with inferior rights to foreign mud invaders. They’re daughters are subject to mass systematic rape, they are jailed for the slightest criticism of Religion of Cuck and their government is utterly run by pedophiles and (((globalists))).

Official new guidance on “equal treatment” instructs judges to favour non-white defendants in order to “redress inequality”, despite recent research having found young white men to be the most derided group in Britain.

Produced by the Judicial College, the organization responsible for training judges in Britain, the Equal Treatment Guide’s latest edition says: “True equal treatment may not … always mean treating everyone in the same way.”

Quoting former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Blackmun, the equality guidance, which was first produced in 1999 under Tony Blair’s Labour government, states: “In order to get beyond racism, we must first take account of race.

“There is no other way. And in order to treat some persons equally, we must treat them differently.”

With the word “transgender” making an appearance 232 times in the guidance, the document has extensive detail regarding how judges can best meet the needs of defendants who believe themselves to be members of the opposite sex.


This is truly chilling. Flight or fight. Will white men in Britian step forward? It remains to be seen.

Meanwhile in the USA we have boys being pumped full of estrogen at the age of ten.

Help me.