Hawaii incoming missle alert for 30 minuites


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How grand.


Maybe. To continue to drum up fear over North Korea. Of course South Korea has deployed ICBM interceptors, Japan has them, they are on Guam and Hawaii. So any North Korean ICBM has to run a gauntlet anyway.


When no one knows what to do or where to go for 30 full minutes is inexcusable ! Can you imagine thinking missiles are headed your way and you will most likely DIE for 30 minutes ? WTF


More Trump’s fault horseshit from the peanut minded . :roll_eyes:


While survivability rates may have been miserably low… people of the 60’s and 70’s at least has some strong civil defense guidelines to follow… If you live in a country so blissfully unaware of the dangers that exist… your government and your society has let you down immensely…


You missed the boat again Obama has done that already . Spying , using Intel to interfere with elections , using IRS to further his agenda . Quack ,quack … shrug


The democrats want us to believe sticking your head in the sand will make all the bad Countries go away !


Honolulu’s 911 system was inundated with more than 5,000 telephone calls Saturday as Hawaii plummeted into a state of panic and confusion over a false ballistic missile scare. Can you imagine how the stock market would have reacted to a missile attack if it was a weekday ??


They want cops off the streets, and you think that they think about their own “survivability” ? I know that gated communities are sturdy, but without proper and lawful presence, they are just scale-able obstacles.

Blue lives dont matter, except when my lives are in danger.


Of course some people didn’t spend 38 minutes texting and flapping their arms… they knew long before Trump that the world can change in an instant… and they had a plan…


Where exactly were they running to ? :laughing:


Japan had a similar false alarm days later, what gives?


Its been a long time since people took the idea of some first strike launch seriously … ‘duck and cover’ aren’t even part of todays lexicon…


I always felt the part of tuck your head between your legs that the next instruction should be kiss your ass goodbye ! :wink::laughing::laughing:


Chicken little story comes to mind . :anguished:


A little planning an you and your family will survive… spending 30 minutes on twitter asking ‘what should I do’ just probably will see you vaporized…


This is what happens when you shelf the possibility of an attack by an adversary because the world is full of love and hope. Time to think about a little civil defense conversation… preppers have already had it…


Let me see if I have this right.

A missle alert was issued. The government said take cover.

Did anyone tell them that cover from a Nuclear weapon really doesn’t work well.

Hiding under a school desk will keep a light from falling on you but the blast is a bit more destructive.

Politicians, what would we do without them???


That’s what Obama preach about his JV team and his Muslims terrorist BFF’s ! :roll_eyes:


Amazing. Cant an email or a phone call be sent out instead?