Hello Everyone


Are there 4? Ill match you pepe for pepe.






Tis the season.



Why right side news tho (as in why choose that s the name of your news org.), wouldnt that instantly discredit you as a credible* source with association with the “alt lite”?




Meh… I was going for opposite of wrong. Its a bit of a long story. We avoid being on the wrong side.

See if this works for rally. https://lets.rabb.it/886j/rQvoJnMYII


I’m sure your “news” is very unbiased.


Finally get up from the nap? Must be cool to shit on someone’s creation when all you do is live off food stamps and my tax dollars.


It never bought into the russian hacker theory if thats what you mean.



Have you even visited the site? Maybe you might find something interesting.