Hello from California


Thanks for letting me join. I was referred by another member in another forum. He’s called Honky Kong over there. I don’t know what he’s called here.

I am Male, Catholic, born in Texas, in my 50’s, I am an Ultra-Conservative, I’m Pro-Life, Pro-Traditional-Marriage, and a proud member of the Trump Army.

Thanks for letting me join.


Welcome!! You come to the home of free speech so you won’t find many liberals haha


If it’s a sounding board and safe space you were looking for, look no further, you’ll receive a lot of backslapping at a boys and not much challenge. Welcome aboard.


Invite some libs… don’t like free speech?


I like honest intelligent challenges. Liberals rarely offer them though. All they say is I’m a Nazi, I’m a Russian bot, extreme right-wing fascist homophobic Islamophobic racist sexist white-supremacist deplorable theocratic misogynist Trumpin’ hillbilly science-denying Teabagger.


Welcome, Pilgrim!

There are some liberals here. They do hit-and-run posts now and then.

All it takes to defeat them in political debate is to use logic and reason…blows their minds.

Liberals here do include some intelligent, educated people…on topics that do not concern politics.


Yeah, I hear ya. The right has all their canned names for the lefty too…


Hey TRunp Train
Glad you made it



The liberals would rat me out if I did. YOU invite them.


I wish we had a 3 or four more montes to beat up on.


Welcome and looking forward to your posts!


Welcome :vulcan_salute:…from one conservative Californian to another…


Welcome from another Californian. Just to annoy Monte - Attaboy!


I boosted him from PF. YOU now how they can be.


The first post welcoming me to the forum was a guy who called everyone “Trumpturds”

looks like he’s gone somewhere more welcoming of that shtick


Welcome from the Left coast @TrumpTrain glad you joined up.


@Montecresto1 seriously man why do you make jerk comments like this? You are always talking shit about the place but you can’t seem to stay away. If you want more “centrists” like yourself here why don’t you invite some of your friends? If you don’t like it here no one is forcing you to stay and you obviously don’t donate. Feel free to leave.


Don’t get your feelings hurt because I pulled the curtain back on your club.


THANKS TO EVERYONE. This site layout takes a little getting use to. It is very unique.


Hah! I wonr’t