Hello from California


Welcome from the Left coast @TrumpTrain glad you joined up.


@Montecresto1 seriously man why do you make jerk comments like this? You are always talking shit about the place but you can’t seem to stay away. If you want more “centrists” like yourself here why don’t you invite some of your friends? If you don’t like it here no one is forcing you to stay and you obviously don’t donate. Feel free to leave.


Don’t get your feelings hurt because I pulled the curtain back on your club.


THANKS TO EVERYONE. This site layout takes a little getting use to. It is very unique.


Hah! I wonr’t


Lol, I wasn’t talking to you TT, but yeah, I don’t want to offend you either. :blush:


I think you will prefer it to others once you discover the ease of operations. Posting pictures is a breeze and can be accomplished in several ways:drag and drop, copy and paste, the standard [ i m g ] (location 0 [ / i m g ] commands.

The only thing I sometimes find irritating is the robot that tells you shit like:

"Your thread seems similar to —and it names another thread title that has a word in common with yours–


"You’ve replied to this person three times already…


"Try making multiple quotes in one reply…

I say, “BUTT OUT, LITTLE ROBOT” but nobody hears me…so I just ignore the little bastard.


LOL!!! Just hit the little X when it pops up. I don’t even remember what those say anymore but they did help when I was new. It looks like everyone is doing a good job ignoring them on the Rabbit Hole thread…because several people haven’t left it. :rofl:


@61falcon is a lib that can take a beating


There are some neat features for sure. I am just getting lost a little bit. But I’ll get use to it. Thanks


I have no doubt you will catch on fast.


Yes. I paraphrased them myself. I use the X often…or I just ignore the fact that the robot message covers up my preview.

I like to see the previews. That’s how I learned to get rid of those stupid quote formats that make a reader scroll across the page to see the whole thing.


EX-CALI here as well. Been 7 years - Pittsburgh now and the fishing is even BETTER! A heartfelt Welcome to the Pit of unbridled truth. Thick skin recommended.


I’m like Spock. LOL.


Welcome , you will fit in very well , enjoy ! :sunglasses:


Then you need Jesus. :wink:


The more you post, the more I see what a blithering idiot and imbecile you are.


The truth hurts, doesn’t it Monte?


Yep, there’s never any doubt over the self identifying Trumper. Incivility is the standard.


There’s nothing like a baby-killer talking about civility to bring a healthy laugh in the morning