Hello, my user name here is TekInferno but I am Archer elsewhere


Just popping in to say hello and five things a look.


So you want to see google burned?


How are you? I’m new too!


@supperhey Technology and Users Melding in the INFERNO

Tagline from my old and non uneatable site. So I built a 2.0 http://tekinferno.com/TekInferno2/


Good thus far but I am really not new, but I am.


I joined PDF after you had stopped posting there but I read a lot of your threads. Welcome back!


Well it pretty much died… Then nothing, it was gone.


Welcome to the party!



Thanks for joining!

Quite a few have made it over. Cal pops in every once in a while to say hi.

I purchased PDF from Cosmic almost two years age. I kept it up for a few months, but trying to breathe new life back into it proved to be too difficult. Once people decide to leave a forum, it’s hard to get them back. So I started over and have been inviting back as many of the former members as I can.


Do you write all of the posts for your blog?


We exchanged a few posts on PDF but it was a while ago and I don’t even remember what they were about…but glad to see you back!


2.0 only has me, you write?


Conservative with libertarian leaning. I really do not care what people do as long as they do not hurt, bother, endanger or try to force their views on anyone else.


I am in marketing and I have to write for a living, so in my free time I don’t do too much of it besides my posts here. I enjoy reading honest consumer tech blogs though. I’m jaded with CNET and the like. How many years can the Apple MacBook get the laptop of the year with outdated tech? Makes me crazy.


Apple gets the votes because they brainwash people from a young age.


I’ll second that. I got sucked into the Apple rage. The luster eventually wore off. I’m now completely off and use Linux for my desktop and Win10 for my laptop. As much as I hate Google, I do have the Pixel because it runs stock Android - no bloat.


Maybe we can start getting more discussion in the #tech category - we did ask for it :nerd_face:


Windows phone here and all PCs are MS win 10, I run a VM when I need something else…