Hi I am Brigid Delaney


Im new here so be gentle. And go read my article.



Hi Brigid. Quick question. Why does it look like someone beat you in the face with a hammer? Are you ok?



Whoa thats very mean. WHy are you slut shaming me?


In order to be slut shamed you have to be a slut. No one has ever tapped that ass. Believe me.


You would be surprised. I just walk down the street and I got all the attention I want.



Great excuse for being a fat lazy fuck Brigid!

I was fit in 2016, before Trump. But when you stop, it goes. And it goes quickly. A week or two and you have to start again with the 2kg dumbbells and the tremor in your forearms.

I returned again this week – to the boredom and pain of the gym – trying to build up back to the strength I had before Trump became president.

I find this peculiar though…

Brigid Delaney is a Guardian Australia writer and columnist

President Trump isn’t even your president. I’m happy to know that the butthurt you are experiencing in Australia is a direct result of a ballot that I cast back in November 2016 here in the United States.


Hi Brigid , how long have you been afflicted with bouts of liberalism ? :wink::laughing:




But hes a bigot and he should be impeached. You have my global impeach vote for sure.


Aren’t you suppose to be in Canada ??? Fat ass Rosey is waiting for you to leave with her . :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Indeed you’re pretty and good looking.I understand why you receive a lot of attention. Being a gentleman, I wouldn’t say those things about you.
So you’re Liberal, it’s not the end of the world and makes for meaningful dialogue. I hope you enjoy your time on Freebird. Look forward to your opinions.
Have a GOOD DAY from Reading Pa.:heart_eyes:


This song is about you


Freedom you are in danger of having your Man-card revoked. Seriously, you need to man-spread yourself back to reality and treat women like the carnivores they are. Treats are okay but don’t FEED them dude. U da Alpha! You da man! :sunglasses:


ROKDAWG,I’m not in any danger of having my Man Card revoked . I love ALL WOMEN and I’m not gay. Am I not manly because I respect ,don’t talk down to women and don’t have an MACHO cave man attitude???
Maybe you’re JEALOUS because I said she is pretty and can understand why she attracts attention and that I’m a GENTLEMAN and wouldn’t talk like that to a woman. Also , I wouldn’t use the C-word to any woman .
I’m not concerned about being Macho or Manly . I’m not an Alpha Male ,I’m myself. :fu:t6:


Brigid,Thank you for the video,it was excellent . I maybe the only man here that can see how pretty you are . No matter ones outward appearance, we all have an INNER BEAUTY.
Let these so-called MANLY MEN eat their heart out. Thank you again and have a GOOD Day!!! :dragon_face:


Im fat. Have you read my article?


I read your article ,but when I look at your picture you don’t look fat to me . You sound like you have a self esteem problem. When you look in a mirror, you should see a vibrant, attractive and a confident self assertive woman that attracts mens attention when you walk by them.
Ignore the so-called Manly Men who could be GAY. Especially some of their locker room antics.I don’t have a self esteem problem. I self educate myself and attempt to be a well rounded person and yes, I have a weight problem but I’m not grossly obese looking. :heart_eyes:


Oh Jesus…


Im not sure whos trolling who anymore