Hi - I'm Patriot


I’m @Patriot founder of politiforum and I’m glad that you found your way to us. Please check out the help and resources section! While our community looks to be quite minimal - it’s quite feature rich and easy to use. It’s lonely here now, but hopefully it won’t be that way for long. We hope that some of our friends from Political Debate Forums will find their way here and be happy to start fresh.


I really like your site Patriot. Are you a web developer? This would be great to have as an integration to news site.


Wow - I forgot all about this post. I think this was the very first community post here - we were called politiforum then (before Google punished us and our registrar threatened to drop us). Thanks for joining and resurrecting memory lane.

I’m not a “pro” web developer. I’m all self-taught but I’ve customized the hell out of this site over the past two years. Everything built here is done on Linux command line. In my day job I do a lot of big systems acquisitions and knowledge management - so community building is a real passion of mine. Remember, it’s not about the tool, it’s about the people. If you are interested in community development stick around for a bit to see how the community works. Send me a DM. I’ve been looking to partner with some sites as I can easily splinter parts of my site off, configure it for a particular political news site, and have that splinter serve as the community engine. I actually did it here once with a test news site that I built on WordPress.


How did I miss this? I thought I was here from the start!


I want to thank you for the invite. Great forum!


I am glad you are here. You appear to have good sense and great knowledge. I look forward to your posts.:nerd_face:

Where do you reside?


I hail from Western New York. The Greater Buffalo Area. I got an email inviting me on and I took the great opportunity. Not too popular on some liberal forums.


So we are in the same time zone. You must also be a night owl.


I would say so. it’s 3:40am. One of the lawyers that I had to deal with at the VA would complain that I would send her Emails at three in the morning. I said so what? I was doing my typing at that time. She didn’t read the email until she got into her office anyway.