Hi - new guy from flyover land


Hello, ladies and gents - this is my first post here. I am a married straight male from flyover land (Indiana) who is a U.S. Air Force veteran, a hard core constitutional conservative, a committed patriot, a capitalist, a knife collector, a gun owner, a reloader, an NRA Patron Life member and an Oathkeeper.

In other words, I am proud to be everything that the fascist left finds abhorrent. With the help of Almighty God, I will continue to be all that and more! :grin:


Welcome and thanks for joining. I’m a USAF vet as well. There are many fellow veterans here from all branches as well as many Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve folks. You are in good company here. Don’t hold back.

If you need any help figuring things out just type @Patriot or send me a direct message.



You are going to fit right in. USN vet and fellow Oathkeeper.


I’m retired USAF and my daughter is currently on AD. Welcome! I’ve been an NRA member for 28 years! Speaking of which, President Trump will be speaking at the NRA soon - first POTUS to do so since Reagan in 83.


Welcome to the club.


Thank you for your service wingnut. USMC - Active.


Welcome and jump right in - Army Vet and Oathkeeper


Welcome fellow USAF veteran.

Hope you find the topics interesting.


Welcome to our little gathering… retired USAF Brat and US Army vet. Libertarian leaning and plain reading constitutionalist… and a proud native Texan!!


Welcome - Army vet here. I’m new too and I probably should have taken the time to make a new member post!


Thank you for your service ! :joy: Welcome .


Old guy from flyover Ohio. Thank you for your service. Fully support your views


Welcome! Please make yourself comfortable.


WELCOME Hardtarget

56 male - married 23 yrs N/K - Civilian - and Encore-preneur
Democratic defector since Jan. 2016 - Newly registered Republican.

In Pittsburgh “A Drinking town with a football problem” and we all
Thank you for your service sir!


Welcome here…:vulcan_salute: You are in good company…




…and I thank you for your service, regardless of your role or rank. I respect and honor all military personnel that are not dishonorably discharged, no matter their job description.

I also appreciate your NRA support. I am a Life Endowment Member myself…and a life long gun owner.

Though I did not serve in the military, I am an Electrical Engineer and have provided design and supervision of electrical systems at US and allied bases all over the USA and overseas…in Germany, Poland, Azores, Afghanistan, Bermuda, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and a few other places I can’t mention.

In the course of working these locations, I came in contact with what must be thousands of military personnel and contractors that included almost every rank and function in the service…though I never did meet an Admiral. The people that I came to appreciate the most were among those at bottom of the pecking order…the worker bees…the drivers, the equipment operators, the cooks, the fuelers, the electricians, the aircraft mechanics.

At more than one of the POL facilities I visited, there was a sign that read:

This was their way of taking pride in their job…as they should.

One of my favorite veterans was a neighbor (now deceased) that I would see quite often pushing his walker up and down the street. He wore a cap with insignia indicating he had served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. His war stories were quite interesting and mesmerizing. He had been an airplane mechanic throughout his service life. I drove him several times to Andersonville to visit his wife and son’s grave. He is now buried with them. His daughter still lives down the street from me and has a cross and a “Thank You, Jesus!” sign in her front yard…in his honor.

Thank you again for your service.


To all that served…thank you!


Welcome aboard!!! From Reading Pa Eagle’s Land. I’m retired US Army, Calvary Scout , NRA member , and a believe in the Constitution and support judges that interpret the Constitution and not attempt to rewrite it when hearing appeals. :blush::up:.