Hillary Clinton Believes the Second Amendment Can Be Infringed


This is the problem I have with Trump… he has no particular bearing or grounding with which he makes decisions. On the surface of course it seems perfectly plausible to tie guns to a terrorist watch list; I mean after all, who in their right mind wants to willingly sell firearms to a terrorist. Trouble of course is, as we have seen with our current president, the definition of ‘terrorist’ is fluid… and of course the same government that was prohibited from infringing on this right are the ones making the list…


a registration / tracking system for all limited individuals

Maybe they can use the same system for illegals entering the country as well as people overstaying visas.


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What kills me is she believes that if you take guns away from people then crime will stop, mass shootings will stop, and the amount of gun related deaths will stop… It’s all a bunch of BS. I see people doing drugs all of the time, did they buy them from Walmart? NO! they got them illegally. They got them the same way that criminals are going to get fire arms. She wants to disarm people and give criminals an advantage to commit crimes. She needs to step back and think before she says anything. Ignorance is not an attractive presidential candidate trait.


I completely agree…but I think I am even angrier about Paul Ryan pushing through gun control legislation through the house. I am not sure what type of political move that is, but it’s not one that I support. Ryan sucks.