Hillary lost and I'm still a asshole



Who would have thought that the left would not get over it and move on as the right was force to do with El Presidente Bamboozala.

Imaging if the right would have label obama the skinny ass. The out rage from the left would have been heard around the world.


The Belmont triple crown winner won’t be going to the White House. When asked why not, this is what the winner said, “If I wanted to see a horse’s ass, I would’ve finished second."



Or you could have said I could have looked in a mirror.


Chaps y’alls ass that so many Americans consider the TIC to be a horses ass. :rofl:


Monte,you and all the whiny Liberals haven’t figured out the election is over and Trump has been President since 1-20-17.
He has shown excellent leadership of this country that a lot of past Presidents both D and R. Do you believe Shillary would have sat down with Kim and start a hopeful peace process??? She would have on her knees before a lot of Arab Leaders showing them her ORAL skills.
President Trump isn’t perfect,but then who is.He has proven that America is first and will not be takes advantage of with bad deals.
So all you OBAMANISTAS continue to whine and cry in your beer . You Liberals need mental therapy and plenty of Maalox until President Trump completes his second term.:woman_zombie:


Again, three promises the TIC made that I would have looked forward to if we were stuck with him, balanced budgets, paying off the national debt and locking her up. Neither of which is going to happen.


Come on now Freedom. Didn’t y’all make it through Obama’s presidency without all that?


Nothing needs to be done with Kim. He became a nuclear power as a deterrent to US aggression. And you already know my position on our unnecessary troop deployments around the world.


So many elites do. Good thing they only get one vote.




Monte,where does your Anti-Americanism stop??? What was the U.S.agression ??? U.S.troops and joint military exercises with SK???
DIRECT you criticism towards Congress.Both parties deserve blame for spending into oblivion. Do you really believe they will reduce or eliminate the pork in the budget ?? Maybe the President no matter who,should have line item veto power.
Do taxpayers need to fund the Arts or NPR??? I don’t think so!!! I didn’t need the therapy or maalox ,but I was close to buying a nerf ball to throw at the TV. :clown_face:


Well yeah, that’s the American way. Did you think you were saying something profound??


I would appreciate it if you’d not misrepresent my views. I expressed an anti war, anti occupational view. If that’s anti American, then Trump is anti American, why don’t you call him out, hmm?


Yes, and I point that out, right here, regularly. But trump promised to pay off the national debt in eight years. Instead he’s adding to it like his predecessors, and then some. Speak to this Freedom, Trump berated Obama for running a 400 billion deficit, and then he just signed a trillion dollar one! Now speak to that hypocrisy.


If Trump ended all homelessness in the US tomorrow, you’d complain about it. No matter what that man does people find a reason to hate him.


Probably because he’s a fvcking moron that thrives on conflict and chaos and his slash and burn approach ruins everything, shrug.


But what has he actually ruined though? You claim the economy but we all know that’s a crock of shit. So be specific.



The Dems controlled the House for much of Shaka Zulu Obama’s Presidency which controls appropriations.
At what point would you support military intervention in a country? Would you wait until they landed at Myrtle Beach???
I only support military intervention when a U.S. Embassy Consulate or Military Base is attacked. I also would support military intervention if the Tehrani TOWELHEADS invade Israel . If our planes or ships are fired at, then all bets are off. No, I’m not a Warmonger!!!:dragon_face: