Hillary lost and I'm still a asshole


Do you know for a fact that the horse and his owners were even invited to the White House ?
I’ve looked all over the net and couldn’t find anything but a joke from Daily KOS

Asked why, the winner neighed, “If I wanted to see a horse’s ass, I would’ve finished second."

I hate to say it again if you don’t read what you post you can make yourself into a horses ass !


Time to work on your coloring book again . Stick to what you know . :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


That pork is their ticket to endless re-election. Term limits would solve many problems in congress.


Quote me stating that he was invited. Maybe you need a dose of your own medicine, hypocrite. THINK


Monte, I only believe in military action when our Embassies or Consulates are attacked . As I said before, if our ships are in international waters and our planes are in international airspace and are fired upon , they should defend themselves and all bets are off.If Israel is attacked or invaded then military action should be taken.
I don’t believe in changing countries leaders with military action and neither does President Trump. If this makes me a warmonger, so be it. :japanese_goblin:


The Count loves to twist words into his own meaning.


I agree with the sentiment, but as seen in California, pols just shift positions- and never go back to the private sector.

I would love to see a national demand and pledge along the lines of ‘congress will pass a law that no Congressman/woman/it or Senator may serve more than two terms, and is forbidden to engage in direct or indirect lobbying activity for at least ten years after leaving office. If the law does not pass, we will vote our representative out, regardless of party’ A million pledges would mean nothing- 50 million and the law would pass.


The Belmont triple crown winner won’t be going to the White House.
I should have expected this from a progressive socialist lies and half truths innuendoes fake news !


Monte, Did you benefit from the tax cuts the horses ass was in favor of and the growing economy???:woman_zombie:


Monte, takes all the rewards of being an American citizen and none of the responsibility’s of being one .


Long on dogma and childish name calling short on facts and data .


Long on childish name calling and dogma short on facts and data .


But can we shift the professional politicians from the positions of power they now hold?


Lol, I probably pay more taxes each year then your salary is.


Odd that Trumps continual name calling is no bother to you.


Odd that Trumps continual name calling is of no bother to you.


Preceded, you dumb fuck!


Hillary spent $1.4 billion to attend Trump’s inauguration.



Hillary? Myself, I take comfort in knowing she wll never again be a major player. I understand, when she lost, she went totally berserk.