Historical Data--Republicans vs. Democrats


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Democrats kick black women out of restaurant today almost Lynch her

You righties have a good time masturbating over history, this has been well argued thousands of times, and the gist is political parties change over time, and history means nothing to them as they are living, evolving entities.


This follows right along with the idiot liberal efforts to make the Constitution a living, evolving (meaningless) piece of paper.

Democrats are willing to let their party evolve into what makes it grow…including communism.

If it weren’t for that pesky old Constitution, liberals would have won already and we’d be a third world country.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.


The Democratic Party of 100 yrs ago is completely different from the liberal creature it is today…

There is no way u can say the same about the Republican Party.


Liberalism is a mental disorder was coined by Micheal Savage. I once heard him blame the near sinking of the aircraft carrier Forestall on John McCain. McCain had nothing to do with the fire, and was lucky to get out of his plane on deck. The ahole nitwit who coined your catch phrase never retracted his insane BS. So, who has a mental disorder?

Democrats are pragmatists trying to solve the problems of a country that can no longer solve any of it’s problems, and so are the Republicans (including fascism)! I do see Trump as a huge problem, he is going to F up big time, it’s inevitable.

Our Constitution has more holes in it than Mothra’s good suit. I cant find the word lobby in there anywhere, imagine that, they left out the 4th branch of our gov. No mention of political party either, our founders hated that idea until they could form them. It was a document thrown together in hopes the feds could collect some money, and that is the proper historical perspective.

Liberalism is great, freedom, equality, and liberty are great gifts and all came from this idea.


Your opinions are entertaining


Liberals create ‘victim’ classes so they can pretend to be trying to solve their problems.

To mention liberalism and individual freedom in the same sentence is lunacy. Liberals like to create the animals that follow their lead…parrots and sheep.

You sound more like @Montecresto1 almost every time I read your shit.

Are you a sock puppet?


Democrats are losing victims under trump, he’s for gays, improving black lives.

The most racist thing Democrats do is when a black person dies from being violent towards a cop, resisting arrest, Democrat foundations will pay a black person ( black leader) to defend the violence of the black persons so more blacks will be violent, they okay the behavior lol

Race pimps


I believe his support among black people has doubled since he was elected.

It must be the ‘racism’.


The inconvenient truth. You won’t make friends doing that you know, at least not with the socialist snowflakes :rofl:


The most powerful thing she said was Democrats have never treated blacks as equal, but they are victims.




Liberals create victims, oh yes, our normal lot in life simply can’t create victims without the help of liberalism? I guess your taking about welfare here, but what’s your non liberal alternative to free the victims. Heck, we could start with Trump that guy is always the victim, yes it’s so hard to be born rich and white, and they stole his EMMY!
I provide the definition of liberalism, it was from a very reputable source, your definition seems somewhat different, where did yours from, Michael lying SOS Savage?

I like Montecresto, however if we are going to question sock puppets, why not consider the dozen active Trumpites on this forum, who display all the variation of plastic happy meal toys.


Cuteness does not morph into intelligence.

Methinks thou dost project too much.


True you got me in a mood!
Still waiting for the Rights plan to free the black people from the iron fist of the Left?


The left doesn’t use an iron fist to control black people.

It uses RACISM, carrots and false promises.


Sounds like the same stuff the right uses to control it’s voters!


Grasping at straws again. What a pitiful comeback.


I watched the video and found nothing offered as a Republican proposal to fix anything for black people. So the point is shift your party and see what crumbs might be thrown over the fence? Just what do Republican’s have to offer our urban poor? A job corps, career training, jobs for people with criminal records, drug treatment facilities, health care, good food, a cure for violence, in short, things the GOP has opposed in the past!


Unemployment for black Americans is at an all time LOW…same for Hispanics. An opportunity to get off the government dole is all it takes.

Freebies only encourage dependency.