Historical Data--Republicans vs. Democrats


It was a great comeback, come on admit it!
Trump uses racism to fire up his base, and I’ve posted in the past a long list of his statements that would get any CEO in the country fired. I linked a great National Review article that casts Trumps base as racists. And there is the huge hate you folks had for President Blackula (stole that from Bill Maher).

Carrots, all I here from you folks is the wonderful imaginary Carrots your lord and savoir has tossed you, are you tired of winning yet?

And false promises, Where is that Mexican built wall, or the prefect health care system that covers everyone, or people sick of winning, where is the drained swamp, heck were is the very presidential Trump that he said he could do?


You sound more like that dimwit Montecresto1 every day. Likely you have the same IP address.


The right uses facts…

The left uses lies and deception…


Trump a racist… ha too funny, I guess you’re calling .Alveda King a Democrat and niece of MLK jr a liar?

are you calling Lonnie Bunch founding director of National Museum of African American History and Culture a liar too?

When two people (both lifelong democrats) come out and publicly say Trump isn’t a racist, Im going to take them at their word vs leftists who want to spin crap because of their hatred of Trump.





The rabid socialist Democrats have no cogent argument, so they resort to name calling


Aint that the truth asaratis, 30 years in the public eye and not once has been called a racist, not even a hint, you would think that the media as honest as they claim to be found all sorts of allegations against Bill Clinton as he was running but excused it, but spreads lies the moment Trump won the republican nomination and claims he is now a racist, the same racist who sat with Jessie Jackson.

Here is a question for leftists, has Jessie Jackson or Rev Al (not so sharp) Sharpton ever sat down with David Duke?

Also , has Trump ever sat down or posed with Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam?

what would you think if he did?

Any leftists honest enough to respond?


So true …



oh yes , in 1973… righhhhhhhhhttt

just like LBJ saying he will get those “n*ggers” voting democrat for the next 200 years
would you consider that racist?

How about Woodrow Wilson, you know real racists.

you have to go back to 1973, got it.

so how about something in this decade or last decade.


Yeah, not to include the billionaire Trump as he’s smarter than all them because he doesn’t pay taxes, he said so.


Posted the wikki link to Trumps racist statements, he walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.
And you can’t realistically argue he hasn’t appeased racists and that they are solidly in his camp.

" During the [presidential campaign] Trump criticized Judge [Gonzalo P. Curiel] who oversaw those two cases, alleging bias in his rulings because of his Mexican heritage."
He also called Mexican’s rapists.
He tweeted fake crime stats that said that 81% of all white homicides are done by blacks, and as I’ve said that in and of itself would get any CEO in the US, besides David Duke, fired.

And pardoning Joe Arpaio, if that isn’t an open and shut case that Trump appeases racists I give up on you guys.

Poster logic is nonsense, we have Trump’s actions and words.


If you attract a fag, does that make you one…


[quote=“Chairman1, post:47, topic:9936”]
Aint that the truth asaratis, 30 years in the public eye and not once has been called a racist, not even a hint,
From the wikki I linked
" Testers from the New York City Human Rights Division had found that prospective black renters at Trump buildings were told there were no apartments available, while prospective White renters were offered apartments at the same buildings.[28] During the investigation four of Trump’s agents admitted to using a “C” or “9” code to show which applicants were Black and stated that they were told their company “discouraged rental to blacks” or that they were “not allowed to rent to black tenants,…”


Maybe if you wiggle your drama queen arse like Trump does to Racist!


[quote=“rolavine, post:54, topic:9936, full:true”]

in 1973 , not 2013 or even this century.


Nonsense, this is 2018, and Trump is a creature of this time not someone dead for 45 years! How you guys argue, anything to avoid the awful truth!


tell me when he discriminated in 2018 or during his campaign


This was directly in response to your quote "Aint that the truth asaratis, 30 years in the public eye and not once has been called a racist, not even a hint, "

Absurd arguments you make!


Still waiting for evidence trump is racist… can I get some context??