Historical Data--Republicans vs. Democrats


ahhhh yes,okay Rolavine, I will give you that one… sort of.
Is it discriminatory … yes…
Racist… I dont think so, its a bit of a stretch, you ought to try yoga.


We are different people, and I won’t sink to your level here, pretty sad, is that all you got?


I gave you a like, quid pro quo!
I provided my evidence on Trump.
But let me ask you, would you retweet fake crime stats that say that 81% of white homicides are done by blacks? You don’t have to answer, because I know you have way more honor than that. But Trump did it?
Why are we more honest and honorable in here than Trump is out there?
We aren’t the president and what we say in here carries little weight, and yet most of us don’t sink to his level?


Was Donald Trump turning the black people away or was it some manager of the properties?

You can’t accept the words of black people regarding his non-racist character, but you will post a freely edited Wikipedia article.

Anyone can edit a Wiki article. I did once myself. I corrected a lie about Trump.


…and I doubt it was Trump that told them that.

AND…it could be another case like Tawana Brawley situation…a fucking hoax.


…or a Micheal Brown ‘hands up don’t shoot’ falsehood.

I smell a lie.

Too many influential black people that know Donald Trump have said he is definitely not a racist.

Libs have a way of dismissing the truth and making up shit. It’s called FAKE NEWS!

Tell a lie enough times and it will be accepted by some as the truth.


He hasn’t been accused by anybody that has no reason to lie about him. The renters may have made up the story.

Do you have any PROOF of it other than the Wiki article?


Im not following on the like???

you provided evidence? yes they were sued and settled and admitted no wrong doing.


That’s all the accusers wanted…money.


That’s pretty much how I feel in reverse. Perhaps the truth is that neither side is saints, and expedient self interested liars create the narrative for both sides. It took me a long time to see how brainwashed I am, how little I actually know. These days I try to be objective, and still end up laughing at myself way more than half the time.

Thich Nhat Hanh a great Zen Buddhist teacher, says that we should only let things we know to be true have sway with us. I’ve tried to follow that teaching and it has helped with my general level of happiness. After all, why should I carry some propagandists cross?


What do u mean by “propagandist cross”?


The Wikki had a long list of racist actions by Trump. Maybe Trump isn’t really a racist but he sure is courting them, are his words are actions reflective of his own feelings or is just more BS used to shore up a base? I don’t know, and I’m not even sure the latter is much better, rather than a racist I’ve got a master manipulator who seems to only express lies. Trump can behave like quite a charming fellow when it is important to him, and then he can behave like a junk yard dog, he is a member of the actors union!

You can always find a few people who have contrary opinions about anyone, the words of few black people are more than matched by the words and feeling of a majority.

And the fact you managed to correct a Wikki is a good argument for using it as a source. Beside with so many pay walls out there it’s hard to find a link we can all open.


Didn’t you once give me a like for saying that you got me on Moot, or was that someone else? I heard that word misused on the radio yesterday too.

I’m losing track of what topics I post what links on. By evidence on Trump and his supporters I was referring to the National Review story on the racism of Trump supporters, and the wikki on Trumps racist statements and actions. If that isn’t enough evidence to convince someone than there is no point in providing more. Trump Supporters wear thick blinders, just like Obama, W, Clinton, Reagan, supporters did. I’ve never been able to do that, and mistrust all politicians. In addition, IMHO at this time anyone who even tries to become president of the United States is certifiable and would serve the public better locked in a well padded room.


It was I. I forget the thread, but do remember your contrition. Noble of you…hence the ‘like’.

Notwithstanding that, I still basically consider you full of shit.

I occasionally hold my nose and ‘like’ some of Monte’s shit.


so wiki said something about Trump’s racism in 1973 makes him a racist?
really?? I thought you were smarter than that.

Ever heard of Robert Byrd? The Democrat Party elder statesman who claims he wasn’t racist even though he was some grand poobah in the KKK?

Or Obama admitting he was a coke user and smoked marijuana as a youth?

Why do you over look those things , yet you folks use some ancient law suit in the 1970’s?
You might have made a case if this happened last decade or even the beginning of the century.

But 1973? come on man.


Shorthand for feelings that are motivated by brainwashing.
Not on any high horse here, I have lifetimes of work to do in hopes of being objective, but I have given it some thought. Sorry this is as unabstract as I can make it.

When we are brainwashed we perceive reality differently, and start forming all the various events we witness, things we know, what makes sense, and motivations for actions, as part of the structure of our sense of self (the ego).

Ego like a god, made truth in it’s own image, so when we use truth to ‘atta boy’ ego (am I correct?, does what I think make sense?), truth is just doing it’s intended job and we are fooling ourselves into thinking that we have just checked ego and found it sound. So we are on a firm foundation of certainty, that is total Bull.

In politics there are armies of clever weasels out to align your ego and it’s lap dog truth, with their movement. And they know the tricks, and create hordes of like minded individuals.

At least that’s my take on it.


I thought we did the reason for 1973, or are you one of those people who forgets what they said yesterday?
" > > in 1973 , not 2013 or even this century.

This was directly in response to your quote "Aint that the truth asaratis, 30 years in the public eye and not once has been called a racist, not even a hint, "

Absurd arguments you make!

ahhhh yes,okay Rolavine, I will give you that one… sort of.
Is it discriminatory … yes…
Racist… I dont think so, its a bit of a stretch, you ought to try yoga."

The Wikki link goes all the way to the present and is filled with Trump’s racist actions and statements. You either see the truth of that or you don’t.
But I wonder when you think of Trump, what do you see?
A lord and Savior, a wise fellow, a perfect human being, nah even brainwashed your way too smart for that? So what is it?

Cause all I see is a lying POS!


It least you admit being brainwashed.


The ones who say they aren’t are the worst cases!


Have you not realized yet that your Wiki link is nothing more than a biased blog?

Show me some PROOF that Trump is racist. Your OPINION and those of others do not matter.


once again let me say it again but slowly this time

A law suit in the 1970’s which was targeted towards “THE TRUMPS” ( as in Fred and his company)

Fred’s company not Donald J. Trump’s company.
Fred’s ( his father company) which he was a part of.

Was in Discriminatory? yes

Racist… NO.

Am I clearer this time?