Holster recomendations


HI all, I’m needing a new holster for my full size 1911 and was thinking about the Aliengear 3.0 tuck in the waist band model. Anybody have any ideas on that, pro or con? Thanks.


How do you carry? Is this a daily or occasional?


All the time, usually.


I open carry. I don’t have my 1911 anymore. Sold it and went Sig P220. When I carried my 1911 this is what I used. The locking mechanism takes a little getting used to but once you do it is good piece of mind. The profile is also slim and won’t dig in on you too much.


Well, I went ahead and got an Aliengear 3.0 tuck. So far it looks good. I’ll have to set it up tonight.



I’ve gone as small as possible. S&W Bodyguard 380 wallet holster. Don’t leave home without it.


I have a bodyguard 380, but I don’t carry it much. It’s really an ultra concealable piston.