Hope Hicks resigns as another domino drops


The highest turnover rate of any presidency in decades. Drain the swamp MAGA. And the day after her testimony, snicker.

The TIC couldn’t handle her admitting that she lied for the president.


Or she fulfilled her duties and responsibilities successfully and is looking for a new professional opportunity elsewhere. Unless you’re a corrupt politician or a filthy insider you don’t make money in politics. She’s a beautiful woman and I’m sure we’ll be seeing her face on a major network with a multi-million-dollar contract very soon.


Yeah, that’s it. The day after she confessed to lying for the TIC. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. Hope Hicks of course is also dating a wife beater recently forced out of this corrupt White House. Hope Hicks has been Trumps right hand woman for years. We’ve never seen a turnover like this before. And I predict that Kushner’s on a short line.


I’m ok with Kushner getting the boot. Him and Ivanka. Kushner is Israel first and always has been.


The inquisitions continue. This is what our lawyer class does. Regular people don’t care to live in the armpit of DC.

The girl tells a couple white lies. On the other side they pay spys to produce fake news and facts.

Good luck Hope.


Hey everyone! In the next few days, Hope Hicks will pursue a sexual assault allegation against the president. I thought you might like to know.

Enjoy your 2018!


Is this something you heard from some eraserhead sitting at the next table, or did you see this from a reputable source?


You got some inside scope here?.. do tell.

As an aside. How are your relocation plans panning out? Is Poland the winner or have you set your sights on somewhere else… or as the US ‘changing for the better’ since you said you were thinking about moving?


Can we get some detail? Sounds far fetched to me.

THE BIG IDEA: White House Communications Director Hope Hicks joined a growing list of administration officials on Tuesday who have pointedly refused to answer even basic questions from Congress about their interactions with President Trump.

Republicans and Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee said after Hicks wrapped up a nine-hour, closed-door interview last night that she would not discuss anything from the inauguration forward.


Are we paying these assholes by the hour? What on earth could they need nine hours for?


40 minutes if she would have been forthcoming with her answers. But when it’s like pulling hens teeth I guess it takes a little longer. If she has to set before the big boots she won’t have that luxury. She problem learned a lot about what the government knows about Trump based upon the line of questioning and decided screw it, I’m out of here. Rats jumping a sinking ship.


Since the hearing was behind closed doors we will never know will we? Oh, I forgot, the Democrat leak machine will be as busy as beavers. Oh goody, we destroyed another career.


She’s the one that was admittedly out lying for the TIC. And she’s the one that walked. So, who ruined her career?


Exactly how did we find out about some strategic white lies? Hummmm? Whoever leaked testimony from a closed door meeting should lose their career and have charges brought against them.


Don’t forget to add in your ‘leaked’ portion of the proceedings that she was asked specifically if those ‘white lies’ had anything to do with the Trump Russia collusion story… her answer was … no. I guess that was a leak to rebut the implied reason for the original leak…


Well, admitted liars can’t really be believed now can they. I don’t know about her closed door session with congress but Muellers not going to be inclined to be asking many questions that he doesn’t already know or have a good idea on the answers.


Trumps increasingly in difficult position. Hope Hicks was a very dependable partner that he could rely on for the “white lies” to keep him safe, having followed him to the WH. It’s difficult to run a tight effective ship at Mc Donald’s due to heavy turn over let alone the United States of America. And he’s in such a panic anymore he lashes out at everyone including his own, as he just publicly attacked his AG, again yesterday, on Twitter of course. I hope twitter never bans him.


The girl was questioned for nine hours in closed-door testimony. She was asked a broad question “have you ever lied for President Trump” which could be as simple as answering the phone and saying the President is busy in a meeting when he really isn’t. If anyone says they have never done something like this in the workplace at any point in time in their career - they’re lying. Several committee members asked for the question to be reframed because it was too broad. The purpose of the questioning was related to Russian collusion during the campaign. The question should have stayed with that focus and didn’t. Then wouldn’t you know it… a closed-door, confidential, 9 hour testimony session get leaked almost immediately by democrats trying to make the administration look bad. It looks like they are only conducting these testimony sessions in order to leak information ahead of the primaries.

Of course Hope Hicks quit. She cooperated fully and expected the privacy that she was promised… But slimy Democrats felt that they had to throw her under the bus with a bunch of little bullshit.

I think the House Ethics Committee should start investigating if any Democrat, or their staff, ever told any lie at any period of time in their entire lives.


What lies were told has not been leaked and Hope Hicks quit in less than 24 hours. Speaks more than anything else. Looks like Trump and Sessions are on shakier ground than ever as they continue their public spat with Trump calling AG Sessions Maggoo!!! Only difference this time is Sessions fires back that he’s following the law and the constitution. Something we are continually reminded that Trump is ignorant of or indifferent to. Neither a comfort. Take the guns and let the courts sort it out. :roll_eyes:


How did the media find out about anything from a closed door testimony session?