Hope Hicks resigns as another domino drops


Either a leak or Hope Hicks…


Right. And considering most people don’t publicly tar and feather themselves…especially people like Hicks who have worked hard to maintain a low-profile…logic prevails.


There’s not enough facts to know. No telling what the line of questioning alerted Hope to that the Mueller team and the congressional committee know about Trump. She could just as easily want the hell away from a sinking ship at this point.


Actually…there have been plenty of people, other than Adam Schiff, who were in the room since the leak took place and have been talking about it. Tom Rooney did a great job applying some reasonableness.


Leaks from closed door meetings are unacceptable. Both sides are guilty of this. And Hope could be talking too, which I suppose is her prerogative.


The AG no doubt will add these latest leaks to the 27 leaks currently under investigation. Lots of leakers will be doing lots of time.


We’ll see…


Now it’s Gary Cohn that’s out. Guess he doesn’t want to be the one advising the president when the trade war gets underway. :joy::joy::joy:


He was always going to side with his wall street buddies… Hey… I thought that was Trumps turf…


Wanna bet on that one?