How about a fitness area?


I was always into fitness before my three year marathon of surgeries.
Im now getting back into cycling after my hiatus and wouldnt mind some feedback .


We should all be getting into shape and focusing on health for when SHTF or Antifa is finally let off the leash.


I’m making a healthy breakfast for dinner right now. Then going for a 6 miler in the AM.


An All-Clad waffle maker! Damn! :money_mouth_face:


While true I could be a fat ass couch potato and still whoop their ass.
I mean how much effort does it take to shoot some dipshit while eating a Twinkie in my Lazy Boy?


Awww hell no!!!
Ya gotta get a flip waffle maker to produce the real deal.


I think a fitness area is a grand idea. I do a lot of exercises at my sit/stand desk that I can share with everyone.


Great idea @HereWeGoAgain! We only have one life and one body. We need to make the most of it. I support the motion for a fitness area.


I’m all for a fitness area…as long as it includes nutrition and exercise. I’m not into exercise. I get my exercise acting as pall bearer for my friends who exercise.


I just ordered a Zektor 3 with some extra mods.
Just looking for other riders.,1&iccEmbed=0&cache=on,on


Nice bike! I miss my 15 speed from years ago. It had a beautiful powder coated, baby blue paint job, but it looked so theftworthy that I spray canned it into an ugly bike. It still rode well…just looked like shit.


It doesn’t compare to my old bike but it’ll work.


Even the stationary bikes work. You just don’t get the breeze or the scenery.


Already have a 3k recumbent exercise bike.
Bores the shit out of me.


That’s what I mean. I used to sneak over to my girlfriend’s house at night on mine. That way, nobody would ever see my car parked near her house.