How Corrupt The Corporation... How Gullible The Patron



Corporations Now Push Woke Consumerism


The New York Times thinks corporations now serve as the moral voice of America.

In the wake of the violence surrounding a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va. this month, corporate leaders were quick to condemn racism, white nationalism and a host of other -isms that didn’t seem to be connected to their business.

The Times article noted that the strong reactions from America’s biggest companies to Charlottesville was not unprecedented in recent years. From gender-neutral bathrooms to President Trump’s travel ban, corporate America has taken a very progressive stance when these issues come before the public.

I find it rather curious that the left would buy into this BS… While I do not believe in a large administrative state and think that forcing business to actually operate in a ‘free market’ world without the aids and protections of the government would, in the long run, benefit society greatly, it would seem to me that if the left actually find this SJW virtue signaling relevant when the very companies are seemingly required by law to pony up extra money for what some would call a living wage or why the left spend so much effort and energy on regulations ostensibly because business will not follow its own ‘community friendly’ best practice…


It seems like bad business for corporations to routinely imply millions of Americans are terrible people, but it’s not much of a risk if they know conservatives won’t punish them at the cash register.

The silent majority spoke in th last election.

The silent majority spoke loudly to the NFL.

I believe the silent majority will speak loudly at the cash register as they tire of liberal CEO’s.

Burnt coffee from starbucks anyone?


PayPal just got slapped… I wonder just how you can attack and make irrelevant the SPLC… Their only product is cover for the leftist and Muslim terrorists who support them.


What a weird shift for the left. As early as ten years ago the left seemed very much anti-corporation because they were “evil” and were only around to screw people. They really pushed this concept in the 90s and right up through the Bush II years. Now, we are supposed to worship these corporations for their corporate virtue signaling? How did we even get here? What the hell is being taught to MBA students these days? When I joined the business world after getting my MBA we were taught to never say anything that could possibly impact sales. I must be getting stale.