How did I get here?


Hiyuh. I, uh, was invited here by “Patriot”? So I assume it was some kind of blanket spammy type of thing that wrangled me in?

Ok, you got me! Nice to make your acquaintance(s). I’m Josh from the horribly liberal state of Connecticut.


Hi Josh,

I am Steve from Massachusetts and I am fortunate to be a part of a very good liberal group here. One of our goals is helping misguided conservatives find their way!

you’ll fit right in!




Welcome - and thanks for joining! We took over Political Debate Forums and invited you as a former member.


Welcome to the crew!


That’s your goal @SteveSPHR

Welcome @nothingultra


@nothingultra Thanks for taking the time and accepting the invitation.


Welcome from the Garden State!

@nothingultra are you tri-state NY/NJ/CT?


Welcome and you can move to Colorado and join the fun here.

We have it all, POT, Liberals and a few of the old guard conservatives.