How Do I Get Into Crypto Mining and Farming?

I’ve been wanting to get into crypto farming but I don’t really understand how it works. I found the idea of it fascinating when I first heard of it years ago but just never got around to learning much about it because it seemed untested and volatile. How do I get into crypto farming without spending a lot of cash on it?

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You don’t right now. Unless a new coin comes along, you’ll get less than you put into it…way less.

Some people (such as myself) aren’t doing it solely to get oodles of cash, but to fight central banks and to have an untaxable currency.

Monero is designed for GPU and CPU mining. In a few months an update will make CPU mining better than GPU farming which will coincidence nicely with the new Ryzen CPUs.

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Coins are mostly useless.

Learn the basics of mining

Lease a cheap virtual machine (5 USD/mo) over at Digital Ocean, download the wallet software for your chosen crypto, and then find a mining pool to join. Just follow their instructions on how to uplink your wallet to their pool and start mining for blocks. You won’t earn anything but the lesson of using wallets. You need highly specialized hardware for mining to be profitable in most cases.

Learn how to buy crypto with fiat P2P

Don’t buy crypto through paces like Coinbase; this is for nigger cattle. Download Bisq and use it to arrange for P2P purchase of crypto with fiat. Start small, just enough for the next step.

Learn how to transact with crypto

Next time you want to buy something from the Bezos cattle trough, use crypto. Make an amazon wish list and post a link to it on People looking to earn bitcoin will bid on your wish list. Lowest bidder wins, and they make the purchase for you. Once you confirm receipt of the product, you notify and your coin is released into bidder’s account. You can get product up to ~30% off during the right market conditions. Of course, you could also earn crypto this way, but its not P2P.

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