How far will the left go to discredit Trump?


What, you find it far more acceptable to spend millions in taxpayer money to find out if someone pee’d on Trumps feet? Whether you believe it or not, the true nature of Obama’s nationality is of importance… the Constitution says so. Now I know that globalist minions believe that just anyone should be allowed to run for president but the constitution doesn’t say so. So you actually begrudge Trump using his own money to uncover what might well have been a conspiracy? Outside of his birthrite most people stuck to his issues and polices that were contrary to their beliefs. Interesting that the left can call for his assassination and that is alright but a rodeo clown gets fired for waring a commercially produced mask…


Where in those comments to you have information that he has lied or ‘discredited himself’ … I here John Kerry is now in the middle of the peepee dossiers.

I’m not so sure that I am necessarily hard on Sessions’ decision to let the IG do the investigations… as it turns out, Gowdy (once a strong opponent of a second special counsel) has changed his mind because 1) it is clear the the DOJ should not be part of investigating itself and 2) the IG has no subpoena power over many people of interest. Perhaps this was Sessions way of forcing the special council… perhaps he realize that Mueller was never going to investigate the full spectrum of ‘Russian Interference’ and those in this country who supported that effort…


There you have it then…


People like you for certain everyone else, not so much.

Want to look at his approval rating and compare it to Obama’s at the same point in office???


And conservatives hated seeing Obama win. That’s the nature of things. :wink:


I hated seeing him distort the constitution… I hate seeing the words ‘Scandal Free’ with respect to his administration… I hate that maybe his legacy will not reflect the reality of his time in office…


And the difference between a scandal or not is the media’s publishing it extensively.

Did you see this one in the
RAGS and the lame stream media?

Politico published a jaw-dropping, meticulously sourced investigative piece this week detailing how the Obama administration had secretly undermined US law enforcement agency efforts to shut down an international drug-trafficking ring run by the terror group Hezbollah. The effort was part of a wider push by the administration to placate Iran and ensure the signing of the nuclear deal.

By Josh Meyer
12/18/17, 9:13 AM CET
Updated 12/18/17, 9:08 PM CET

The media whitewashed and did the non reporting trick over and over again and the uninformed sucked it up.
By any historic standard, this scandal should elicit outrage regarding the corrosion of governing norms from pundits and editorial boards.
Neither NBC News, ABC News nor CBS News, CNN, MSNBC whose shows can boast a collective 20 million plus viewers had been able to find the time to relay the story to its sizeable audiences.
Other than Fox News, cable news largely ignored the revelations as well.

Most major newspapers, which have been sanctimoniously patting themselves on the back for the past year, couldn’t shoehorn into their pages a story about potential collusion between the former president and a terror-supporting state.

p.s. The list is endless like the pass given the IRS and the lifetime vacation for Lois Lerner or the free ride for the traitor Bradley Manning.

Obama win? Only in the mind of the uninformed.


And Wall Street, don’t forget those guys.


Is that why Cohn just tendered his resignation?


On the campaign trail, he slammed Wall Street for “getting away with murder.” He vowed to break up the big banks and force the finance guys to pay higher taxes. His final campaign ad showed ominous photos of the New York Stock Exchange and the CEO of Goldman Sachs and proclaimed it was time to put an end to the political and business elites that have “bled our country dry.”

But President Trump did a rapid U-turn on big banks in his first 100 days. He’s embracing Wall Street now, not shunning it. He’s stacked his cabinet with Wall Street types (especially from Goldman Sachs). And instead of talking about breaking up banks, he’s focused on rolling back a lot of regulations on them.


Seems to me he has ruffled the feathers of his number one Goldman man Gary Cohn… seems that the bankers aren’t all that thrilled with his MAGA actions to include the tariffs… Hey, did you here that U.S. Steel is firing up blast furnaces and calling back 500 workers… The US is back in the steel business, workers are going back to work and the globalists (to include the bankers) aren’t thrilled.


Trump pandered for your vote by threatening to go hard on Wall Street, until he won. Just like he did with his promise to pay off the national debt in eight years. Before he began adding to it, IMMEDIATELY!!!


It would seem that Trump did not want to fill his cabinet with insiders from either party hence tapping wall street.

Unlike Obama who used insiders for the most part.


The world revolving door comes to mind


Really your going to continue with the Mantra he will pay it off in 8 years.

As an outsider he probably wasn’t aware that 2/3rds of government spending is mandated by law.

Problem didn’t consider that congress must address the issue of first balancing the budget which they have no intention of doing.

And of course Obama’s statement which I’nm sure your ok with that he would not raise the debt limit as it was pushing debt to our grand children was ok and just politics.

Trump didn’t add to the DEBT, Congress, both parties just added to the debt.


True, he wants Wall Street type, not Main Street types. But then he’s a billionaire himself, what the hell does he care about you. Remember when he promised to pay off the national debt during his presidency. :joy::joy::joy:


Is that the only thing you have to say???


Schmobama must have Amnesia ,conveniently forgetting about Benghazi and later sending all that money to his TOWELHEADS in Tehran in an UNMARKED plane late at night.
Like HRC said What does it matter !!!


The whole Libya affair was a wreck but what does that have to do with anything?


The Constitution contains the requirements to be president and is it racist to question a canidates place of birth??? I guess it is only when the candidate is Black.
Why didn’t anyone question Herman Caine, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio about their place of birth???