How I truly feel about taking a knee


I am glad they are making a stand for what they believe in but… Is it something they believe in or defiance? Do they really understand what they are doing? Their right and I support it 100%

Now where I take issue is how it affects children and ignorant people who do not understand what the issues may or may not be.

But do note that most professional athletes are not white. So should we not have affirmative action in sports?


A few questions.

What’s to be gained other than making a statement in public?

What change do they seek and how soon?

Do they intend to play their game until the end of their careers?

As people clearly are unhappy with their actions are they willing to pay the final cost up to including cuts in pay and benefits?

Do the owners/NFL and players understand they can do whatever they want but the people make the final decision with the click of a remote.

If the players were really set in their beliefs why don’t they refuse to play?

If the players were really st in their beliefs why don’t they donate their paycheck for a portion of their paycheck to a charity that reflects their beliefs?

Or is it in the end like football, just a game?


With respect to the first part… everyone bar none has the right to express themselves where and how they wish (as long as it doesn’t impinge on my right to do the same) They also have the right to bear the reward or punishment for same… I think the thugs that prevent people from freely speaking at a university venue should all see, to varying degrees, the other side of a jail cell door. The players and owners have the right to what they want. I could almost guarantee that a fair number the last couple of days did what they did in defiance of Trumps words… but could hardly articulate any other pressing reason to create such controversy.

As to the second part of your question, I am going to see how the thread developes before I stick my oar in… :wink:


They are just being defiant. Their right and they must deal with the consequences. The changes they seek are nothing. Kaper whatever is a half ass player and he got this crap going for attention. If they want to help make change then it must start from within.


Sadly, you touch on another issue. Some people are able to have a voice but others are shut down. It seems the more vile or offensive the messengers the more they are heard. Peaceful protests get destroyed by counter protests and the counter protests get all the attention.


There is no social justice in real sports.
There is no affirmative action.
There are no safe spaces.
The best men or women rise to the top and the losers go home with nothing. That is the way it should be. Champions soar to the heights as easily as they fall to the depths, and underdogs can shock the world through sheer determination.
You cannot lie or steal your way to athletic superiority.
You cannot use victim-group status to win trophies and medals.
You have to work hard.
You have to earn it. If you are a fraud you will be found out eventually.
This is a philosophy which has been lost in modern athletics.


The main thing about the NFL is what??? Football :football: right. Why is what these young men do on the sidelines an issue to anybody. Let’s play ball.


Why is it defiance when it’s in support of something you don’t like (equal rights for all) but an exercise of first amendment rights when you do support the cause, standing up for looser civil war generals statues, shouting Nazi slogans and White supremacy???


Because Children watch and families watch. For one thing they are putting things into children’s heads and it is a leftist narrative.


You are right, they do have the right to express themselves. The difference is they are doing so at the expense of fans who bought tickets and viewers who tuned in to the game.

Effectively, people who just want to watch a football game are now paying for those who play the game to protest against their views in many cases.

Since the NFL is allowing this to continue, I will just stop watching the NFL. That’s not so easy for people who bought very expensive season tickets. What are they supposed to do? They paid to watch a football game. They did not pay to be insulted and offended.

Also, the hypocrisy is infuriating. The NFL will fine and foul players for the most ridiculous things - including free self-expression in the end zone. This type of bullshit has been going on for years. So what is it? Are the players free to express themselves or not? If not, then they should be banned from political protest. Fine players for twerking in the end zone – but allow players to disrespect the flag and the anthem? Give me a break.


I thought that was competition in the market place.


Not really. Their point is made before the kickoff and isn’t disrupting the game.


Would you care to elaborate?


Not buy them next year.


Well, the NFL is part of the market place and if you think
that there’s a message proceeding from there that’s not appropriate (though I still fail to see how protesting for equal rights is inappropriate) then push for a better/different message.


Hence this thread. The boycotts, the burning of jerseys… Pay attention man!


Not really? Have you ever been to a football game? People are in their seats before the anthem. Are you saying paying customers should have to alter their routine to accommodate this? You also didn’t address my comment about the hypocrisy of the NFL either. Twerking in the end zone = fine. Insulting the fans and disrespecting the country is allowed. The NFL has cracked down on “freedom of expression” over the years. Were you complaining about the end zone celebration fines back then? Their freedom to express themselves was restricted. Also, it’s not just before the game. There have been a lot of Black Panther fist raises after touchdowns since this crap started. Know what that means?


From the time you enter the stadium to the time you leave including any half time show is the experience you paid for… Including the dignified conduct of the employees from guards and ticket people to ushers, coach and players. The Pittsburgh Squeelers came up with a novel excuse for staying in the locker room… They just didn’t want to be part of the politics…:joy::joy::joy:

This won’t last long… or the NFL won’t… This stuff has spread so far that a couple of black cops did the knee thing… they can’t even keep their own city safe and they are protesting … want police brutality… unreal… I pray for them on their next call when it is they who are the hunted like the cops in Dallas… that the NFL wouldn’t let players respect…


You obviously do not watch football. Here’s how fans reacted to Dallas last night.


Let them keep booing. Maybe the cameras will start zooming in so we can identify all of the racists - like this one.