How I truly feel about taking a knee


Everyone who BOOS is a racist? Is that what you are saying?


Anyone against equality is racist. It’s not rocket science.


Is that what the kneeling is all about … equality !!! :astonished: I really had no idea.


You did not answer my question. Try again.


Anyone who collects welfare benefits is deadbeat scum. How’s the job search going?

Democrats Are Morons


Shrug, not having any trouble with that. Beatles fans once got huffy with John Lennon and burnt their albums, lol. They came around in the end.


Let THOSE fans go home then, hmm?


They will… Like I said before… this will time to sink in. People purchased tickets… some people have season tickets … some people just subscribed to the sports channel of the choice… now they have buyers remorse… It will work it’s way out… and no, not always to the come back…


They will too! Then the Negro Felon League will go broke and have to send all of their “athletes” back to prison where they belong. There is nothing I would rather see more than a bunch of brain dead former millionaires, who wasted all of their wealth on shoes and bling, either back in prison or whining about the hand they got dealt because the evil white man didn’t like them pissing all over the country that gave them more than most. The USA has more black and hispanic millionaires than all countries on earth combined - yet we are so racist.


You obviously don’t pay attention. That kneeling and locking arms before the ceremony is a victory for Trump, don’t you know? Totally meaningless to the equality protest. Jones has his nose so far up Trump’s ass it’s comical. What I saw was a reenactment of a Pat Boone cover of Little Richard’s Blue Suede Shoes. Laughable. Take something original, intense and real while solely black and then make it plain vanilla for white commercial TV… no protest during the National Anthem.


Now that is just cynical… :roll_eyes:



Deplorable racists as well as many other things the left has labeled people who disagree with them.

Nothing quite like the lefts identity politics.

And the morons expect the deplorables to vote for a democrat in the next election.


Nope, I’ve watched these fans for too long. This will pass like everything else and the fans will suck it up. They’ll be there/be back.


Perhaps, but I think that with Trump trying to make it about the Flag, the Anthem and the Military, when it is no such thing, that the players doing it before is a smart move.

Especially since he decided to do this knowing that he can use it for the entire season, which was his goal. I hope the NFL comes up with other methods to make this cause even more visible…


And I hope the NFL falls on it’s azz.


Do we even care if football is here tomorrow? Other than the TIC, who gives a fuck, hmm?


Anheuser Busch is going to have a word… and I am sure after the display in London with troops watching in Afghanistan… those words might be a little pointed…


Well, who cares what the TIC thinks anyway. INBEV.


And so ends any conversation.


I found this while reading and it’s pretty much on target.

Football players and other professional athletes should stand for the national anthem. Not, as the critics so often put it, because America has been good to them, but because America is good.
That the American way of life generates so much prosperity that young men can grow vastly wealthy playing a children’s game is not the least of the nation’s virtues, but it is not the most important of them, either.
The United States of America has been, and continues to be, a force for liberty, decency, justice, peace, and prosperity both within its own borders and around the world. “The Star-Spangled Banner” may be an infamously difficult song to sing, but the sight of the flag it celebrates has meant liberation — and life itself — to millions of people around the world, from those looking through the fence at Buchenwald to those looking over the railing of a ship at Ellis Island. That is why you stand for the national anthem.