How Not to Behave on Politiforum


One might wonder what this website is about. The name trumpsdefeat is one that can sway to either side. It could mean Trump’s defeat (loss) from Hillary Clinton or it could mean Trump’s defeat over Hillary Clinton. Therefore, the point is not to promote either party or claim to be a Nostradamus reincarnate. The founder of this website Anthony W. Brown does recognize the historical start of a modern day renaissance with technology being the driving force.

Whether Hillary Clinton wins or Donald Trump, it will be a historical event. The most obvious is Hillary Clinton becoming the first female president of the United States of America. But do not count Donald Trump out as a history maker, for his unorthodox tactics in the election has persuaded millions of Americans to vote for him. Hence, the word Trump’s defeat will be used in some context or synonymously with Trump’s loss, Trump’s win, Trump’s downfall, etc. an innumerable amount of times in conversations and web searches.

There is nothing new under the sun. “Acta est fabula plaudite,” is what one would say and do after a play ends, in times past. It is quite interesting that most people would speak in the negative about our public servants, but wrong they are. We are to hold public servants accountable and there is no error in that. However, outcries based on erroneous assumptions, prejudices, racism, and ignorance disqualifies the one who is crying. Notably, the word hypocrite basically means in its original definition one who is acting/actor. It would safe to say a lot of politicians are actors. A show is about to end and technology is the curtain closer.

The very informative website construction should be completed by November 9th, we are bring in some other authors who have great knowledge. The url is REMOVED BY @Patriot


Wow! You are a brand new member and are already link building? That’s not the way things work here @trumpsdefeat try becoming a member of the community first before shamelessly plugging your own site that has advertisements and amazon affiliate links. Flagged.


We are reviewing now.


I have no problem with removing the link. However, I will point out that the title is an answer to a question from Twitter. Yes, I have affiliate links on there. So does the tv, internet, and radio. I have no issues with following the rules. What should I do?


This is bullshit. I suggest we all ignore Shill #2.


How about this. I will not use this site. I am sure there are decent people on this website. Thus far, I have failed to meet any. So I would kindly not respond anymore. By the way, your eloquent speech DollarInflation is one to envy.


in all fairness it is not right to blame this board for your action.

it was presumptuous to link without discussing this with the Moderator first and getting permission. this board is not here to promote others endeavors but a community for all.

You should know this.

Best to you.


Actually you haven’t engaged with anyone on this site so far in anything, from what I have seen, but a condescending manner … So, being the dick that I am and being that I’m in a bit of a mood today … “don’t let the door slap you in the ass on the way out”… but of course the moderator will have the final say with that.



If you noticed, there are no ads on this site. We had advertisements in the past, but I found the Google Adsense policies to be too restrictive of the type of content “allowed” within their ad network. All ads were removed to ensure that people were free to express themselves and that moderators weren’t censoring speech because it didn’t comply with Google’s policies. This is our community - we set the policy for what is acceptable and what is not through discussion and debate.

We also have rules. You broke the first one.

Spamming is not allowed. Please do not post hidden links, shameless plugs, or advertisements for products. Do not advertise without the permission of an Administrator.

You also mentioned that your post was a response to a Twitter conversation. Then why did you post it here? As I was reviewing your site and tweets this left me scratching my head. You could have responded on your own site? Which leads me to my next observation.

Every person on this site is decent - all with differing opinions and views. We all bicker back and forth, dig our heels in, and share what we believe is correct. Things get heated but that’s the point of discourse in a democratic society. If you have not read Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam - you should. This site exists for people to feel comfortable discussing politics and to stop bowling alone. Every thread is read by a moderator but few are ever locked, deleted, or edited.

We have never banned a single person until just now.