How should our healthcare system work?

  1. Should it be a one size fits all system run by the Federal Government?
    The downside is that California isn’t Iowa and their needs are different.

  2. Should it be a state by state decision? States could address their own needs. Should California residents demand that Iowa be the same as California?

My take, state by state.

You want low taxes and low social services? Move to Texas.

If you want more social services and are willing to bear higher taxes? Move to New York or California.

Obviously this logical piece of policy advice is not popular among high tax, high benefit blue states. It does have the virtue of being a more federalist solution to our current problems and it would invest far more significance in the policy decisions at the state level, where money cannot be printed at will to solve any perceived need.


Why should we pay as a nation for obese/over weight people?

If they don’t care about their health, why should we???

We should help and care for those that are not capable of helping and caring for themselves.


I’d like to see the entire healthcare system dismantled. It’s bullshit that it’s federal law that I’m required to buy something from a private company. If private-sector businesses one offer their employees health care that’s fine. But the idea of a public option is totally ridiculous.


Wait a minute!!!??? A public option is not the private sector?


Exactly. That’s why I said a public option is totally ridiculous. The government has no constitutional authority to be in the healthcare business. If the government decides to insure people who are on their welfare programs, then they can do that in a limited way. I want to be able to buy the health services I need when I need them from the provider I want to purchase them from. I don’t need insurance. If I want to buy insurance that’s a personal choice.


The government forces you to buy automobile insurance too. Is that unconstitutional?


The more people that purchase insurance, the less the burden is on the whole. People are going to get healthcare, they just are. Poor people will be at the emergency rooms which for obvious reasons aren’t permitted to refuse service.


It should be.

There’s no reason I can’t self-insure. Did you know that local, state, and federal vehicles don’t carry insurance? They don’t have to because they’re considered to be self-insured.

A fender bender is a civil matter. The police only get involved because we’re forced to have insurance. If we weren’t forced to have insurance there would be no need for police involvement. If my private property collides with your private property, explain to me the need for police? That’s also why auto body and repair services are so expensive, they make a ton of money off insurance companies just like those in the healthcare sector do.


You can self insure on auto insurance (at least you could the last time I looked at that, in Texas, way back in the day) but self insurance is highly expensive and I don’t know that either party is going to allow you that with health insurance.

Oh, and men aren’t angels and people lie about what actually happened in accidents all the time. Sometimes an officers report is indispensable to you.


I’ve been screwed by insurance so I’m well aware. I had a truck full of illegal day laborers pull out of Home Depot, rear end me, then drive off. The police caught up with them, they didn’t have insurance, and I got stuck with either paying the repairs myself or using my insurance and having my rates go up. The Mexican driver was given RoR and never showed back up. #dreamers


So yeah…about healthcare.


I had similar happen to me only they didn’t drive off, and I rear ended them because for literally no reason they stood on their breaks right in front of me. They all got out grabbing there necks and what not, and no amount of arguing with my insurance company stopped them from paying my maximum limits out to five illegal aliens, a driver with no legal drivers license and expired tags on a car that wasn’t insured. But I’m afraid we’ve ventured far from the topic, lol.


Medicare for all…


Yeah a sure way to ration healthcare.

A sure way too pay far more than we pay today.

An invitation for massive fraud, government.

Perhaps government should limit itself to catastrophic coverage only. Want more pay more.



No way. On top of that the ACA needs to be completely repealed so we could return to competitive private insurance.

People get free insurance/low cost, or Medicaid and they abuse it going to doctor 4 sniffles

Muslims, Amish, illegals and welfare people got free healthcare.

Insurance companies then demand bailouts (OUR Taxes).

No more.


Yep. As long as people are getting it with no monetary consequence it’s going to continue to spiral. For one thing Medicaid should have both premium and co-insurance/copay. Even if small. But good luck to us getting that any traction any time soon.


I work with both and public insurance (Medicare) is far superior to PI. And ask mature Americans (about 60 million of them) who are on Medicare how they like it, and whether or not they’d like to loose it and be kicked back to PI.


Medicaid gets eliminated when we go to PI.


Now that is funny.

Just make it up as you go along??

p.s. No one is talking about medicare for seniors but insurance for those under 65.