How watched is this years Super Bowl?


I just got home from a bike ride, and the Super Bowl is on. While the stadium looks full, something interesting happened at the end of the first half (when I tuned in)- the commercials. No dazzling 3 million dollar extravaganzas, --nope. Two commercials for local ambulance chasers, a rather bland Toyota ad, and an emotional formula ad with Lindsey Vonn for the winter Olympics. I suspect the money made on this one will be comparatively paltry.


Not on in my house. A bike ride…you spoiled west coasters. 35 degrees and raining in Maryland.


I decided to play Call of Duty WWII on PS4. Worked for 12 hours on a little car detailing business I’m trying to start up. Had my first customer.


Super Bowl IS watched…


I haven’t watched all year and I wasn’t about to start today. I’m happier without it. Such a waste of time and honestly so boring. I wasted enough of my life on it already. Had a nice lazy Sunday with a book.


If anyone cares…the Eagles won.


It was a good super bowl. High scoring and competitive.


Woohoo Eagles :eagle:!!!


Great Win for us Eagles Fans!!!Boo Hoop Hoooo for Tom Brady. What a shame you didn’t get the tie breaking Super Bowl win against us.


Oh well hopefully the drunken eagles fans will burn the city to the ground. And we can call Pennsylvania a solid red state.


And the riots have begun.


Rioting is just part and parcel of living in a big city.


Its what liberals go up to do… as a young lad… daydreaming of the first overturned police car…


Oh… Was this weekend the superbowl?.. Damn


Philadelphia has the most knowledgeable and passionate football fans in the US ,along with one of the best team owners.Philadelphia is also the best Sports City in the US. Fly Eagles Fly. Too bad Pats!!!


@docgreen2010, over 100 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl.


I refuse to watch spoiled rich blacks whine about their imagined suffering . The NFL had to PAY these a-holes not to take a knee or act up , totally sickening pack of dirtbags . :rage:


Imagined suffering? Enjoying your all whitey gated community much! African Americans and all POC have been oppressed and marginalized by White America for far too long and now you have a problem with them standing up for themselves? I’m sure you’d say the Irish and Italian immigrants who came here and were treated poorly and who established their own neighborhoods and culture added to American but you wouldn’t say the same for African Americans and POC.


The athletes accepted that the NFL would provide 100 million dollars to social justice causes, and not pay to themselves as some would spin.


Actually I am- except my next door neighbors are Black, so is the family four doors down, and another at the end of the street. Guess what, nice people all - haven’t heard loud hip hop coming from any of their homes; when they drive by in their nice cars, I never hear thump thumpa, they regularly do drive by - waves that is- - real, regular people. We all get along here because none of us wants to live where our homes are vulnerable to home invasion etc.