How Young, Is Too Young?


Democrats want to pass a new law that would allow someone as young as 16 to vote.

Let’s see. So they want high schoolers that are just being able to drive to vote?

They want kids that can’t even drink, smoke cigs, or go in the Armed forces to vote?

Does anyone else think that this is lunacy from the far left Democrats?

Maybe if they win on November 6th, and can pass that 16 year olds can vote, then in a couple of years they’ll lower it to 12 year olds? lmao. Why stop at 12 though!? why not 8 years old? lol.


Democrats want dead people to vote, illegals … democrats should be in interment camps vetted and released on a island we find up north or put
Them in Africa


I’d be ok with letting them go into North Korea.

If Kim jung ill or un or whatever his name is, doesn’t like what someone has to say politically, he just will put a bullet in your head and charge it to your family.

It’s a Socialist country, but people like Bernie Sanders, and other Socialists Democratic voters wouldn’t last that long over there. lol.

What won’t the Democrats do to get the vote? lol.


I called 26 Latinos anchor babies in front of snowflake liberals they were shocked lol


When they can get kids to walk out of schools nation wide in support of their latest hysteria… It’s not called lunacy… its called expanding the voter base that they have just indoctrinated.

My greatest cult movie of all times was a 60’s classic called ‘Wild In The Streets’ …


Man…that lady in the video really scares me.


We might aa well have infants vote from birth and have parents use absentee ballots for them.


My bitch Doberman deserves to vote also. She’s a registered canine…just like the cur dog, Hillary.


The Human brain isn’t fully developed until between 23-25 so how about 26?


We have 20 somethings that vote and should not as they are totally clueless as to the people and other issues on the ballot.


Yea… I think that if you can pass a 15 question randomized test of … um… about 1000 questions you should be allowed to vote at any age… but I’m guessing that would be voter suppression…


At one time they taught government in HS. A thing of the past.


16 year olds are too naive. The lowest I’d go is 18, because of the draft. 18 year olds, if they are “reaped” (reference to the Hunger Games) then they should have a voice in who re-activates the draft. That being said, I’m 21 and there were still things I did not know about when I turned 18. There are things I STILL don’t know about. I don’t think most 18 year olds would take initiative to learn about the Constitution, U.S. History, etc. in the unbiased way, let alone 16 year olds.

I would be okay with raising the voting age to 21 or 26 if they repealed the draft. The military should be voluntary. The State has no right to pit human beings against each other in war, especially if said human beings have no voice in who votes to declare/enter that war.

Let’s just be honest, guys…the democrats are advocating for this because they want more votes. This isn’t about 16-yos’ voice at all. It’s more about getting more uninformed voters into the system to vote in more Democrats who are going to step on the Constitution.


I was taught government in 8th grade by a very Liberal teacher (she had a picture of her posing with Bill Clinton on her desk). It was a very basic outline of how the government works; no history of U.S. politics whatsoever, but she liked to insert her opinion even on the current issues. I did take a history course my sophomore year of high school from a Conservative teacher (who had some incredible stories by the way, about being drafted and about when he was a kid). But it was more about U.S. History, not about world history.

Since the U.S. has never really had a great degree of Socialism, and we don’t study the countries who have implemented Socialism (not in the recent history classes), then there’s not much they are going to learn about the dangers of Socialism. I’m willing to bet that history has been sanitized and altered even more since I was in high school. I could already see traces of “guns r bad” in my government textbook.


I had history in HS and a requirement of graduation was a political science class as well as a government class.
Neither class sported a partisan instructor.

But that was a bit ago when School wasn’t a place for politics.


Socialism is pushed on children all of the time, because it is part of the Liberal Democrats strategic plan in America, and has been for over 50+ years!


It’s not enough to mentally molest 18 year olds but now they want to lower it to 16?

I guess they’re easier to indoctrinate.


The problem with that is Abortion. Maybe Dems can have dead babies vote?
The Democrats don’t like infants.


I’m sure that the Democrats would love if animals had the right to vote also. lol.
I’m not sure how that would work though, considering they wouldn’t know what was actually going on. Maybe they could just push a button? The Democrats would have a little treat pop out on their side as a bribe, and that way the animal would more than likely always go over to the treat and push that button. lol.


The solution to that is that anyone who is drafted should immediately be given the right to vote just as they shold be by statute allowed to drink pror to 20.

Call it an “earned benefit” of serving.