How Young, Is Too Young?


I’m amazed to know you are so young. You are wise beyond your years. I did start voting as soon as I was legally able to, but at that time was mostly clueless about issues.

I agree with you about the draft… if people are considered responsible enough to be drafted they should be able to vote. But 18 is too young, and 16 way, way too young.


That sounds like a reasonable plan.

It’s so obvious why Dems want 16 year olds to vote… they would almost exclusively vote for them.


In Boulder CO. you do not own a dog, you are a care taker.


In Illinois , it is against the law to give a dog whiskey. It is also a violation of the law to give a dog a lighted cigar. There is nothing on the books about whether the dog may light the cigar on his own.

I guess dogs can’t vote there either.


Yet it’s legal for dead people to vote and there’s no restriction limiting voting rights to humans in Illinois.


One of my relatives once told me a joke.
He said; “If aliens were real, and they were looking at Earth in outer space, and they
saw a human picking up dog poop outside, who do you think that they would think, would be the one in charge?” lol.


I’m going to go vote Republican across the board here today.

Illinois is a very corrupt state. If it weren’t for Chicago, I think that it would be a Red State though. Stupid sanctuary cities! Stupid corrupt Chicago!

I can’t believe that anyone is stupid enough to actually for Democrats, after even knowing a tiny bit of how corrupt Chicago truly is?


I’ve never been a fan of straight party voting but as far as the democrats have gone to the left across the country it makes sense.

Good luck.


I’m just proud to be able to live in a country where I can vote, and have that right.

At least for now. Hopefully I’m dead, before watching the Democrats trying to make the United States of America a Socialist country and a dictatorship.


Democrats always seek the ignorant and uninformed to add to their rolls


Don’t tell anyone both parties are pretty much the same in that respect.


There is an old saying. “Maturity comes with age.” Dems know that the younger they get em voting, the more chance they have of the vote, because most younger people don’t even know what or who they’re voting for, and what they stand for. That and the Dems are great at brainwashing kids. You’ve got pot, Celebrities, other illegal drugs, alcohol, sex, sex icons, the media in general, music, fashion, television shows, movies, The Internet, pick their poison. The Democrats have been aiming things at children for a long time.


A more appropriate age would be 26, not 16.


The brain doesn’t stop fully developing until 25, so I could see that, but if politicians made it 26, then they would need to change other laws also, like when a man could go into the Armed Forces, or when they could drink.

I do believe for sure, that whatever age they make that you can go into the Armed Forces, that a person could vote, and have full rights for sure, because if a man can possibly die for his country, then he sure as hell be able to live for it, with all the rights that come with it.


Not a problem … there could be an exception made for active military service and honorary discharge regardless of age. The only problem is the Constitution, which would have to be Amended to raise the voting age from 18.


Welcome, Samm! Glad you made it over here. :smile:


I doubt that the age would ever go up, even though it probably should.


That is the wonderful thing about opinions, they don’t have to coincide with reality. :wink:


So, are you saying that you honestly think that the voting age would ever go up from 18?


No … I am saying that I don’t think it will go up. That is the reality that does not coincide with my opinion.