How Young, Is Too Young?


Then again with this entire age issue in light of our current culture of relativism we might have another problem…

If you can perceive yourself as younger than your biological age… whats to say that a 12 year old can’t be 35?


I’ll buy that. I have perceived myself to be about 35 for about the last 35 years. :wink:


A doctor asked me my age the other day and I hesitated… a really long pause… One that worried him. He asked me about it and I told him that for some reason I just can’t think past my 50’s but my mind knew better and went into a several second loop trying to reconcile the different answers I was coming up with…


I don’t think that it will go up either.

On the other subject. Physically I feel at least 10 years older than my age, for good reasons, and mentally, I’ve only been able to related with people 15 years or older than me, since I was about 18. Sometimes, I still have a young child’s innocence, and attitude about me.
Enjoying the simple, and little things in life. The color of a tree in fall, memories that I know could easily be related to politics, but I won’t let them be deluded by politics. Little moments in life, that make us all happy, I think I act a little bit more emotional sometimes to. It simply depends on what it is. I can have an old school mentality on a lot of things also. Not be all touchy feely.