Human smuggling by 2 DACA status illegals


In two separate cases DACA status illegals were caught smuggling illegals into the Country in a deliberate evasion of immigration laws. One of them stated it was NOT the first time he helped to smuggle illegals into our Country !


2 DACA recipients arrested for human smuggling in California
Jonathan Hunt reports on the two separate border incidents.


Not DACA and not in arrested for human smuggling in California . Probable out already .


I’m sure the border patrol was racial profiling and receive a harsh democratic reprimand for their efforts . :wink:


Yeah,these two DACAS were unfairly targeted because they’re Hispanic. Pure discrimination on the part of the Border Patrol.They were only bringing people here to improve their life.
The Border Patrol will have to have more “Diversity” training so they can sympathize with the Illegals plight.


If the cops were hispanics, would that make them racist to target other hispanics?


They have to go back!


And likely they think that of you and I


Beans ! Americans are dreamers too .


Well they don’t get a say , there are here illegally !


I must say that was a line for the decade !! I know Americans that are living paycheck to paycheck said AMEN , it’s about time they think about us !!!


A third person living in the United States under an Obama-era protection for illegal immigrants who entered the country as minors was arrested this week for allegedly trying to smuggle Mexican nationals into the U.S.
U.S. Border Patrol said agents in Arizona nabbed the 26-year-old man, who is a Mexican national and a beneficiary of the 2012 Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals executive order, after spotting footprints from four people who had crossed the border near the Colorado River on Monday.


Well that’s 1.8 million minus three !


Watch that 1.8 number swell.


Normal people think is bad. However, leftists are able to excuse any crime that they think benefits their cause.


I don’t expect the lib’s to negotiation . I see the number going down to a few thousand after the second shutdown and the riots that result from the lib’s stirring the pot !


It will be a REPUBLICAN President that signs this amnesty bill. :wink:


The thread is about human smuggling. Pay attention.


Lol, in the things that really matter, you still think that there’s a difference in the two parties. Our southern border has never been secure and never will be. Big business and their useful idiots in both parties are globalists. And, even if the TIC really wasn’t one himself, any wrenches he throws into the mill will be repaired in his absence.


The difference is the President !!!