I Am Going to Say the N-Word: Nootropics

Dump info and discuss. Do you take them? Have anything interesting to share? Sketchy OTC drugs that you order online to make yourself smarter seem pretty goddamn based and redpilled to me, so let’s have a thread.

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I just take omega-3’s, ginkgo, and L-theanine for now. I have tried Alpha Brain products but didn’t get much benefit from them.

I’ve thought about trying some of the silly shit that infowars sells…super male vitality and other ridiculous nonsense, but I don’t have the disposable income for it at this time. I’d rather spend my cash on bills, food, rent, and pot.

How different do you feel when using them? What is it you do day to day that makes you feel like you need them?

I bought some Aniracetam online when I was in college. there was definitely a noticeable effect, but hard to describe. I used it to help me study/do homework and I felt that my memory was stronger after taking it regularly. there was alertness i felt while under its effect, but not anything like adderal or other speedy substances. Years later I bought some more and it seemed like it had the opposite effect - i became more spaced out and forgetful. addtionally the second time around I was smoking weed every day when i took the ani, so maybe that had something to do with the poor effect.

Anyways I read good things about the racetams, and aniracetam is the only one ive tried.

examine.com is a pretty good resource for understanding the magnitude of the effect of a particular supplement…and quality of evidence for a specific supplement.

I only supplement creatine.

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Well, to say the least they help with my ADD, studying for my annual job refresher certifications is so much less of a chore and doing night shift while reading theology/philosophy books as a hobby is great.

Anyone else had any experience with mods?

I’m afraid it will make my hair thin. How is your hairline?

I’ve used armodafinil in the past. It’s the stronger/longer lasting version. It gave me headaches. Never used it often enough to observe effects such as hair loss (never heard of it). It wasn’t a miracle drug, but it helps in a pinch if you’re sleep deprived or have to shift your sleep schedule.

i have never met anyone on nootropics who wasn’t otherwise normal, but a giant fucking dork about nootropics

evidently, it’s not drugs alone that make you successful, but being obsessed about a particular drug is a nice good way to ensure you will never be Somebody

What are you even trying to say?

mental performance drugs do fuck-all, and their users tend to be insufferable cunts

I’ve checked the Canadian drug database (health industry fag) for side effects in the past and the only thing it says is don’t take if you’re a woman on the pill as it blocks/mitigates the effects. I have taken this stuff in the past and never had an issue with hair loss or receding hairline, I have very long Jesus hair, so no issues there.

Armodafinil does last longer and you get headaches because acetylcholine is used up by mods/arms and you should supplement that with choline shit or eat a ton of eggs. The only times I got headaches was when I was experimenting with how much can I take before negative side effects come about ( headache was bang on third eye and was pulsing with each beat of my heart). To say the least, don’t take more than 800mg, underlying or background psychosis starts to happen, one of my mates took 1g and started having hallucinations. Other than that they’re a very decent study aid/ add or ADHD / sleep schedule changer.

Real drugs are classified or a doctor has to give you them…like adderall or ritalin. I’ll study for 4-5 hours on ritalin str8 m8.

I take 1/4 teaspoon of these each day. Can’t tell if I noticed any improvement in memory function, but I’m scared to stop and get retarded.