I Defend Charlie Hebdo's Right To Satirical Political Expression


I denounce their overwhelming stupidity… but of course most stirrers are steeped in their own ignorance and emboldened by their own sense of self importance…


Charlie Hebdo idiots don’t know anything about USA or who lives where. Nazis only existed in Germany in the 30s & 40s and France surrendered to them. Charlie Hebdo are just afraid to go after Islam anymore because THAT could get them killed again. Bashing Whites is safer than bashing Muslims.


Fair point, but what you aren’t getting is that their cover ‘God Exists’, celebrates the dead Hurricane Harvey victims as neo-Nazis. Is this any different from the Daily Stormer’s ‘fat slut’ headline? If so, shouldn’t Charlie Hebdo be closed down and its domain seized?


Nice to know Charlie Hebdo, those true French radicals, are allowed to mock the dead and stay on the public Internet but Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer is not. Oh, Texans are just a bunch of Trump-supporting Nazis, now it makes sense.


I’m actually glad to be seeing all this friction about immigration and sovereign borders, what constitutes racism, freedom of speech, fascism, communism etc… etc… etc… We are going to sort this out one way or another… at least Americans (whether you call yourself one or not) will know where we are as a country… I just hope people who love our country as the constitutional republic that it is, are up for the confrontation… the left certainly thinks that they have our country on its back foot and that Comintern is about to knock over the big domino in their quest to world dominance…


I defend Charlie Hebdo’s right to free expression, but the next time some ragheaded wanker shoots up the place, I hope someone here makes fun of them.


Maybe we should make a cartoon with a bunch of dead French Hebdo employees and an ISIS flag being waved while the French flag is pissed on and burned.


If Hebdo was authentic, they wouldn’t have just mocked Muslims for being violent, they would have mocked the people letting them in too

They are just shit-stirrers trying to fuel a fire


I hate them however I admire that they aren’t the typical Liberal atheists who defend the people who kill them (Islamists).
There is a culture war and Hebdo hates Christians. Know that. Which means if someone shut them down, no tears from me.