I don't want a female president (but not a misogynist)


If a woman could do as good a job as Trump, I would say Go for it

But I tend to think the presidency is a job for a man. I mean, you have to stand up to dictators and etc…

Yes, a woman could do it but it would take a special kind of woman… someone like Judge Jeanine. She is a fiery creature! she does not suffer fools gladly (or at all)

I am trying to think of another woman who would do the job well … I’m thinking…


Why would you say that, Trump has shown us that you can make friends of them, roll out the red carpet for them and treat them better than your own, shrug.


What aspect of the presidency can a male do that women are incappsble of doing?


Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote… if you can’t fight on the front line you can’t put me their


Special like this…:laughing:



Estrogen and emotions would interfere with decision making…:neutral_face:


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Ha! Youre kidding with this right? Outside of iran, i dont think i can find a dictator trump hasnt praised. Outside of…er…mexicos president elect?, i dont think i can find a democratically elected leader trump has praised. Saying its a presidents job to stand up to dictators is saying president trump is not doing his job.


Did you watch the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing do YOU stand up for that crap ?? Who the fuck can be proud of the dems after that BS ??:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


You’re not making fun of your friend Colostomy?? or is that really him??


Cant be critical of the Trump without being a democrat, can i? Of course i dont support that shit show. The real shame is hatred for Dems causes blind support for Trump and he can never be held accountable by his own supporters. If trump shot your wife and kids, would you still say ‘democrats suck vote trump?’. Trump seems to think yes.


Right, same thing a non Republican Obama critic experienced.


Democrats don’t want women either


Women are neurotic, have constant mood swings, are not used to competition and also have the added “benefit” of having the possibility of being pregnant and being a family woman, which further hinders their ability to work. Not to mention that on general women are net drains on taxes while men are net givers for a very good reason. Read the google memo.


I would think Nikki Haley would be a great choice as she has no problem speaking her mind.


She’s getting fired, deep state… trump has had time to scope the landscape, expect a huge cleaning of house in November.


Nikki Haley is deep state?


I don’t see her as deep state. Jeff Sessions, yes, Nikki, not so much.

I suspect trump takes exception to her disagreements with his philosophy.


I want them all out including pence, I want a cut throat administration that will cut waste, a doj that will hang obama. He spied on a political opponent! State department workers are bragging about resisting, ethics violations… this anti American movement needs to meet death


Im curious who you would replace them with. Given the extremely high rate of vacancies at all levels thst trump has no nominee for, im assuming there isnt a long candidate list. Given that a pledge of fealty to trump appears to be a prerequisite, im not too surprised.