I don't want a female president (but not a misogynist)


I think trump has a network of people that would make great patriots, and could be of service to this country for years to come… most of his cabinet was Assembled by politicians… this country needs more trumps… why not his sons, why not biz men and women he knows that love this country. America needs service not piloliticians… I want names we never heard of.


Doctors, plumbers, Many Americans have been in trouble because of Democrats, police states arrest a lot of Americans for stupid shit. I’d like to see people that got in trouble, succeed get a chance to fuck Democrats up


Oh ya, trumps personal cadre has performed so well. Tillerson, bannon, pruit, omarosa, hicks, cohn, cohen, scaramucci, price…all shining examples of great trump picks that didnt turn on him, right? The only thing his network has been proven great at is profiting from sales on books after they turn on him.

Most biz men and women that love this country are currently lining up to protest his trade wars.


I disagree most were picked by the deep state. I think bannon will be brought back to replace mueller. Price was a hack, just saying look for a sweep. Trump is what America needs and he needs people willing to die for America


If Democrats aren’t facing death next year this country is in trouble…


I dont loke the prediction…but congress will be a blue wave and the senate is going to be silly close and maybe even democratic. The problem with your approach (which mirrors much of the Trumpians bases approach) is all the hate you spew off at the left becomes their call to arms and to vote. The left is divided, but your hate unites.


They will have a fate worse than death…irrelevancy. the Democratic Socialists of America have infiltrated the Democratic Party. They have swung so far left but they actually believe that Trump is far right. In reality, Trump is pretty much middle of the road. The left actually hasn’t seen the far right yet.


:roll_eyes: My God not that dumbass tired line ! :roll_eyes::rofl::rofl::rofl:


One of Trumps greatest hits like build that wall and lock her up.


Susan Collins would make a good President but for her hideous accent


Ya can’t have someone running the country, who goes crazy 3 or 4 days a month.


Trump goes crazy every day


The 1950s called. They want their societal views back


The 1980s called. They want their joke back


Why not respect all views?


Ironic post is ironic


Fail. That was lame :roll_eyes:


I don’t normally fix people’s posts, but fixing this one was too tempting.


muh current year

Judging societal evaluations by the years they were developped rather than their merit is something only a low IQ subhuman retard would do.

Using logic is so 350 BC teehee :slight_smile:


Almost as lame as your failed attempt at HUMOR???