I don't want a female president (but not a misogynist)


is he telling pee pee kaka jokes…:laughing:


We will see a woman president in our lifetime, make no mistake

The Democrats have a few candidates, none will win.

I can only see maybe 3 Women Democrats if they were to run that could upset Trump and none of them wont run.

Michelle Obama for whatever reason she is the darling of the left and for bad reasons

Caroline Kennedy, JFK’s daughter, need we say more and only the normal Kennedy with normal kids.

Sheryl Sandberg COO of Facebook, board member and billionaire, and has a proven track record in business and negotiations .

I think a woman can do the job, history has showed us they can, Look at Margaret " the iron lady" thatcher, she took no bullshit from anyone and Indira Ghandi before she was assassinated, this woman was a leader of a country where 80% the people are Hindus and widows are treated like crap.

Very few men are up to the job for president of the United States, Obama, Bush 43 and Clinton sure wasn’t.

And very few women can do the job, look at the women CEO of fortune 500 companies, none of them are weak either.


:joy: Yeah sure. Just like the Republican Party was supposedly dead after Obama

What? Trump the person may actually be middle of the road, or left, but Trump the president is about as far right as one can get.


You don’t think too highly of women.

You must be top dog among your INCEL crew


Living life with social, gender, and political views that are decades behind the times is something only a stubborn knuckle dragger would do.


I love Kelly Ann Conway … 1st female to lead a campaign to victory… how do you feel about her


Incel crew, is that your attempt at an insult Bazoo?

I dont think highly of women? have I given you any evidence of that?

Back to the fact, very few people can handle being president, and the ones that have been president since Clinton has proven that.

Trump so far is proven he is at least up for the task, and back to women,99% of the women and men in congress today isn’t capable of doing the job, Hillary believed she was ready because she was a first lady of the country and the State of Arkansas,She was horrible as secretary of state, and just mediocre as a senator, and if she is the best woman for the job of the president well that just proves my point .

I believe only two women in Congress today that could be ready for the job both Democrats and one wasn’t even born in America. Tammy Duckworth and Minnesota Amy Klobuchar

For the Republicans if there will be a female president it will be Meg Whitman when she decides to run, she has the track record of success, negotiation, tough as nails, and some men are afraid of her, I can see little chucky schumer and even Bernie buckling when they face her.


Do you think before you type…:laughing::ok_hand:


You need some reality. I want trump Jr to run… he needs to carry in his fathers kick ass agenda


Do you? …


Well…it’s true…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Please provide empirical evidence to support your assertion.


Well, the current occupant of the WH is distracted because he’s unable to keep his pecker in his pants around women. So…


You walked right into that one…:laughing:


image image image


Seriously toirtap?

Answer me this


Touché …:laughing:


Not even close.

That’s like calling Obama a centrist.


I said evidence not posed pictures. My, you can’t even supply anecdotal evidence. Pathetic.


One of our best Prime Ministers ever was a woman. Thoughts? Or perhaps you prefer something more male and… liberal?

Are you gay? You definitely hate women. Or maybe you’ve experienced a lot of rejection. That’s understandable. Have you thought about moving to Saudi Arabia? I think it would be your kind of place. They are backward in their thinking and have something called Sharia Law which I think would appeal to you.


I see the reading comprehension problems are kicking in, you might want to lay off the crack or the dope for a bit, the thread is about Not wanting a female president

Last time I heard , Trump Jr is a man, not a female.

Unless you know something we dont know ?