I don't want a female president (but not a misogynist)




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Just a friendly heads up that asking for evidence on this site is like asking for a quick visit through TSA


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Things guys say to their step sons hoping for a quick laugh and maybe one day he’ll call him “dad”


Good one! Did your wife’s boyfriend tell you that?


He’s not a liberal, but most likely an incel


Who was it that carpet bombed Iran with skids of $100. bills? Obama; now that is fucking crazy.


you know… my experiences in life are rather unique in some ways. So keep that in mind when i tell you the following: I have seen just HORRIBLE female “judges” in my lifetime. Now, true, the area I live in has massive govt corruption, so you expect to see that kind of thing. But when you see a woman judge just consistently going against truth, justice and the Constitution… you start to wonder. And I have seen MANY judges do this (I knew the cases well)

A female presidential candidate would really have to prove herself to ME before I would vote for her. I would only consider someone who has been dedicated to TRUTH And justice for many, many years… and had proven it in public (as Congresswoman, etc). I like Marsha Blackburn and there are others


Yes, Trump is doing an outstanding job of standing up to dictators like Putin, Kim Jong Un, Duterte, Erdogan, etc.


Maybe instead of focusing on the candidate’s genitalia, we could just focus on his/her track record and competence.


i totally agree, although not sure what Pence did to get your disrespect?

In any case, yeh, it would be nice to have a no-nonsense Republican attack Deep State RUTHLESSLY

because deep state is ruthless and we the American People are



huh? never heard that one… but little Obama does or did surprises at this point… one wacky, un-american person


The reason you haven’t heard of it is that it’s fake news.


We need a United strike against against the Jews


who is this directed @?

assuming the answer is me:

I haven’t said one thing that is terribly misogynistic. I have stated MY truth. If my truth (reality) does not appeal to you, then go find someone else to post a reply to. I have my own observations based on my own experiences in life, same as everyone else.

I have given women a chance to show they are equal to men (in objectivity) and some women have proven themselves to me (Judge Jeanine, Kelly Anne Conway, Marsha Blackburn, Margeret Thatcher). Again, there are many who have NOT… and how!

And those ones scare the dickens out of me… just how totally UN-objective they can be… !!

women tend to be liberal…

nuff said?



Directed at the person I replied to which was not you. But as you chose to respond, at least try to make some sense.

Edit: intelligent men don’t feel threatened by women. I feel sorry for you.


There’s a direct correlation between how masculine a guy is and how strong the women are that he chooses to be in his life.


Ive heard this a few times

I prefer strong women myself , particularly those with strong ambition , yet feminine enough to make things interesting.

I like the Carly Fiorina’s, Sheryl Sandberg, Tori Burch 's of the world, there is nothing sexier ( to me) than a strong woman with a head for business.

Women like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohen, Kim Kardashian are turn offs, they are cream puffs in my opinion.


You hit the nail on the head. Women don’t want some whiny soy boy, especially women who know what they want and have opinions. So that probably explains why those soy boys are so bitter, taking it out on women for their own inadequacies.


Their of course is a difference in perspective… Trump is not naming people to fill a good many slots on purpose… its called starving the beast. Of course the democrats policy of slow walking each and every appointment could also deter someone wanting to through their hat in the ring… why would anyone want to subject their family to death threats for a job…

I find the discussion over ‘loyalty’ to be interesting. I would never hire someone who puts themselves out to be counter to my interests… that doesn’t mean that I expect them to follow me off a cliff or violate the law, just do my bidding if you are going to work for me. I see nothing at all wrong with wanting people to do that. Dems have demanded loyalty for a long time… seems that today anyone who isn’t a steadfast abortionist is no longer welcome in their tent…