I doubt this was an accident


I believe Cali has passed the point of no return. Im not proud to call myself a Californian anymore. The libs and corrupt people running this beautiful state will be its demise.


I mean it’s time for war if they continue to not let our vote count


California refused to cooperate with the presidents commission on vote fraud and refused to release their records for review.

There is no surprise that voter fraud is rampant in California.


Watching the political ads right now on TV makes me puke. It’s a race to the left, Gavin Newsom is promising wall-to-wall benefits for any child. His election is not in doubt.

Here’s his values statement

We believe in:
•Celebrating our diversity
•Advancing LGBTQ equality
•Protecting immigrant families and defending our sanctuary status
•Expanding healthcare for all
•Closing the pay gap and defending reproductive rights
•Ending the War on Drugs
•Eliminating cash bail
•And stopping the NRA from buying our laws


But he forgot universal income for all including illegals.


This is fucking ludicrous…


Not saying that is what you call “moderate” here. He’ll get around to it.


That and a whole lot more.

Maybe he can kick in single payer or medicare for all.


Tell that to the Georgia citizens who their GOP State secretary will not register.Denying people their Constitutional rights.


It’s why we need vote ID’s. That way we can ensure people can vote excluding illegals you love so much.


Democrats have millions of fake voters, sessions better wake up


This is absolutely ludicrous, since when in the hell is it OK for a foreigner vote in a US election? This absolutely enrages me, Trump should delay the elections until they implement a voter ID program that only US citizens can receive


Illegal aliens do not have constitutional rights…except to LEGALLY come here and apply for citizenship. Once legal residence is obtained, they have limited constitutional rights. When citizenship is obtained, they have full constitutional rights.


Anyone comes here within the frame of the law, and has every intention of becoming a law abiding ctizen, I am right behind them. I will defend them to the last gasp.


Im so used to this already. They bus these people into to vote, and pay them.


Maybe if he can flip gender fast enough, he can go “F*ck” himself.