I Feel For The Parents But There Is That Darn Consequences Thing Again


The stakes are pretty high for millions and they want their son who actually did something pretty damn stupid to take center stage… I think not… sorry…


I agree. Otto acted like a fool in a foreign country that is hostile towards America. His actions and fate should in no way impact geopolitical negotiations. This is a tough lesson for both he and his family to learn, but it is an important one. Most of us with common sense don’t need the lesson but apparently there are some out there that still need to be taught.

Lesson 1

  • Don’t go to North Korea.

Lesson 2

  • If you couldn’t help yourself and you just had to go to North Korea, then don’t do anything that would be considered an act of desecration of their revered leadership. Keep your head down.

He’s probably lucky that he only got 15 years and didn’t get a death sentence. I’m sure there are North Koreans who have been killed for far less.


Fact. It’s best that he stays in that prison. His presence is a warning to all Americans that going to North Korea is something you do at your own risk. The US isn’t going to come bail you out for bad decision making.


Yeah… Like this guy for example… all he did was fall asleep in a meeting… got executed with an anti aircraft gun… can’t say that his pieces felt much though…

perhaps we should use that here in lue of drugs that leave people in distress for seconds or even minutes and are challenged in the courts as being ‘cruel’…:grin:


You’ve got to give it to the North Koreans. They are creative when it comes to killing people. This kid got off easy in comparison.