I found it! Why Trump called him "crying Chuck Schumer"


you have to move the dial to something like 9:40…


wonder why he doesn’t cry when there is testimony about babies being butchered in the womb


Same reason right wingers only PRETEND TO BE CHRISTIANS!!!


In what way are they not “real” Christians? Specifically… like what actions do they perform or not perform that indicates they are not “real” Christians?

Also… when you say “Christian”, do you have some particular Christian denomination or group of denominations in mind? “Right Winger” is not a Christian denomination… nor is any political group a denomination of Christianity. Every denomination has different beliefs. Even within denominations such as the Anglican church there are schisms over the understanding of homosex. White Anglican church leaders in the US and UK are pro-homosex. Black Anglican church leaders in Africa are not. Why don’t the pro-homosex people have any respect for black people in Africa?

My guess is that you are upset that “right wing” Christians tend to view the scripture as guidance for their personal lives and not guidance for a government law .


Incredible exploitation for political gain!


some do, some don’t… this is not saying much at all…


a lot of the time it is both. You can’t say you believe something and then do nothing/say nothing about said belief being violated in society…


looks like only conservatives can make the demon rats cry… not babies being butchered in the womb… not mass shootings… just conservatives / their policies